Domaine Meo Camuzet   Richebourg

2015 Richebourg

By Domaine Meo-Camuzet

2015 Richebourg from Domaine Meo-Camuzet, Burgundy, France

In the world of rarefied Burgundian vintages, the 2015 Richebourg from Domaine Meo-Camuzet emerges as a particularly stately standard-bearer. Graced by the confluence of an auspicious climatology and the unerring finesse of Jean-Nicolas Méo, this vintage encapsulates the mastery and majesty of one of Burgundy's most revered Grand Cru vineyards.


Provenance and Precision: The Marks of Distinction

Distinguished connoisseurs will recognise the virtuous heritage that Domaine Meo-Camuzet bestows upon its produce. The cornerstone of this enchanting nectar is undoubtedly the exemplary viticulture, enhanced greatly by a season defined by moderated warmth which bestowed upon the fruit an optimal ripening cycle.


A Vintage to Savour and Invest In

The nose presents a vibrant bouquet marked - yet not overpowered - by red cherries and an understated dark fruit medley, interlaced with earthy undertones and a whisper of well-integrated oak. A heady perfume indeed that invites immersion into the depth of the terroir.

Upon tasting, the 2015 Richebourg reveals a tapestry of complexity; supple tannins and a choreography of acidity lend structure to this vintage's poised elegance. There's vitality in its layered palate where dark berries dance with subtle spices, transporting echoes of forest floor and truffle, revealing dimensions that promise to become more dignified with age.

For investors eyeing a distinguished addition to their vinous portfolios, this offering guarantees contemplation. The transformative potential of this wine is an ode to its blue-chip status amidst collectibles. Its ethereal composition ensures it as one to appreciate now yet beckons patience for those willing to let it unfurl its full narrative in years to come.


In Summation: An Ambrosial Investment

In totality, the 2015 Richebourg from Domaine Meo-Camuzet presents itself as an investment-calibre wine flush with the prospect of longevity and evolving grace. As with most profound narratives, this nectar’s story unfolds gradually, revealing new chapters with each savoured sip – an ensemble awaiting the enthusiast who values both legacy and innovation within their cellar sanctum.

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The 2015 Richebourg Grand Cru has an expressive bouquet, a little earthier than the 2015 Cros Parantoux, more reserved and statesmanlike, though at the same time it shows impressive clarity and gains stature with every swirl of the glass. The palate is medium-bodied with superb, quite robust tannin that lend this Richebourg the arching structure that can define this vineyard. There is some some new oak to be absorbed on the finish, but there is great density and length. Does it have the flamboyance of the Cros Parantoux? Let's see - my bets are with the premier cru at present. I suspect that this will be an imposing Richebourg with time, as Jean-Nicolas Méo himself commented.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2016

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