Domaine Meo Camuzet   Vosne Romanee les Brulees

2010 Vosne Romanee les Brulees

By Domaine Meo-Camuzet

2010 Vosne Romanee les Brulees from Domaine Meo-Camuzet, Burgundy, France

The 2010 vintage from the hallowed grounds of Vosne-Romanée always stirs something akin to reverence among connoisseurs, and the Les Brûlées premier cru offering from Domaine Meo-Camuzet does no less. Intrinsic to this majestic vintage is an interplay of precision and grace that characterise the standout vintages of Burgundy’s heartland.


Embodiment of Elegance: The Soil Speaks

2010 was a year that tested the mettle of Burgundian vintners, with an erratic climate initially causing furrowed brows - but ultimately leading to strikingly focused and balanced wines for those like Domaine Meo-Camuzet who adeptly navigated the season's trials. Les Brûlées' splendid isolation on the mid-slope, where marl and limestone hold court, has given rise to a wine that eloquently speaks of its terroir with every sip. The resultant poise and aromatic complexity are nothing short of spectacular.


Investment Potential Wrapped in Silken Tannins

In the context of wise wine investment, the Les Brûlées vineyard has long stood as a beacon of consistency and promise. The 2010 Les Brûlées from Domaine Meo-Camuzet is no exception, promising appreciators not only sensorial delight but also the potential for rewarding patience as its narrative unfolds in the cellar. Its tannic structure, already silken and finely-woven, hints at a remarkable future when it shall further soften, revealing layers upon layers of nuanced depth.

The palate reveals a tapestry woven with dark cherries and ripe strawberries interlaced with subtleties of earthiness and exotic spices. A hint of oak is present but not obtrusive, allowing the purity of fruit to resonate in an extended finish that is both vibrant and harmonious.

Meticulously reflective of its vintage, the 2010 Vosne Romanee les Brulees from Domaine Meo-Camuzet offers investors a treasure worth cherishing; a wine poised to ascend in complexity and value as years progress. It stands firmly as one eloquent statement among Burgundy's premiers crus – one that astutely collectors would do well to secure in their portfolios.

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The 2010 Vosne-Romanee Les Brulees boasts incredible finesse and inner perfume in its expressive dark red cherries, flowers, mint and spices. This is much more about sheer textural finesse and elegance than anything else. Layers of fruit continue to flesh out on the expressive, radiant finish. There was quite a bit of millerandage in this parcel. The Brulees has plenty of weight but no heaviness. This is a superb showing. Anticipated maturity: 2025-2040. Jean-Nicolas Meo was away on the day of my visit, so I tasted with assistant winemaker Peer Reiss. The harvest started on September 22 and took about ten days to complete. Overall, I am a big fan of the 2010s here. Although I did not get a chance to taste the 2009s from bottle, my notes suggest 2010 will turn out to be the more interesting vintage. The Meo-Camuzet negociant wines are reviewed separately. Importer: Kermit Lynch, Berkeley, CA; tel. (510) 524-1524

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 22 December 2011

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