Domaine Rene Engel   Grands Echezeaux

1995 Grands Echezeaux

By Domaine Rene Engel

1995 Grands Echezeaux from Domaine Rene Engel, Burgundy, France

Embarking on a sensory expedition into the heart of Burgundy, one vintage that demands recognition for its distinct allure is the 1995 Grands Echezeaux from Domaine Rene Engel. Renowned for their meticulous vineyard practices and the profound connection to Vosne-Romanée's cherished terroir, this specific creation from Domaine Rene Engel marks a pinnacle in their vintner's chronicles.


Decoding a Decade: The Vintage's Singular Expression

The narrative of the 1995 vintage in Burgundy is one of balance and poise, distinguished by moderate summer conditions followed by an unseasonably warm September. This auspicious alignment of climatic elements bestows the 1995 Grands Echezeaux with a character that encapsulates the brilliance of its year. The wine exhibits a seductive composure, merging robustness with delicacy—a hallmark of a stellar growing season mastered by Domaine Rene Engel.


An Oenophile's Tapestry: Tasting Notes on '95 Mastery

Peeling back the layers of this ruby-hued elixir reveals a bouquet flourishing with ripe cherries and blackcurrant, interlaced with whispers of exotic spices and an earthy undertone—a homage to its birthplace. Tannins, rounded yet astoundingly lively even after decades, showcase the deft handiwork at play in calibrating such longevity. The finesse of 1995 Grands Echezeaux lies in its texture: silk-like yet remarkably structured, unfaltering in projecting both power and grace onto the palate.

Investment Worthy: Undoubtedly, the 1995 vintage's exquisiteness is reflected upon the fluid liquidity it holds as an investment piece. Collectors and connoisseurs revered for their discerning taste hold both the 1995 Grands Echezeaux and Domaine Rene Engel in high esteem, recognising the perpetual value that this Burgundian marvel delineates.

In sum, the 1995 Grands Echezeaux stands resolutely as one of Burgundy's finest orchestras; each sip reveals stratums of complexity akin to an ensemble reaching a harmonious crescendo. This wine is not merely an emblematic vintage from Domaine Rene Engel—it is a testament to viticultural finesse, rightfully positioned amongst the pinnacles of fine wine investment opportunities.

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I often prefer Engel's Grands-Echezeaux over his Clos Vougeot, but in 1995 found them to be equally spectacular. Dark-colored and with a brooding, tight, muted nose, the massively endowed Grands-Echezeaux explodes on the palate with powerful, huge, black, roasted fruits. Rugged and dark, this full-bodied, muscular, rich, and spicy behemoth demands to be held for 8 or more years before being drunk over the following decade. It is unfiltered and unfined. This note is the result of tastings I did in Burgundy between January 7 and January 29. A Peter Vezan Selection, various American importers (Paris Fax # 011-33-1-42-55-42-93).

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 26 June 1997

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