Mommessin   Clos de Tart

1990 Clos de Tart

By Mommessin

1990 Clos de Tart from Mommessin, Grand Cru, Burgundy, France

The profound 1990 Clos de Tart from Mommessin is a magnificent articulation of not only the Grand Cru’s pedigree but also the exceptional qualities that the vintage bestowed upon Burgundy. This particular year, exemplary for its warm days yet cool nights, allowed for optimal ripening of the Pinot Noir grapes while preserving vital acidity.


The Essence of a Pinnacle Year

Examining the 1990 vintage is akin to witnessing a masterclass in climatic influence on viticulture. Burgundy was blessed with an almost ideal growing season; a serene spring followed by a summer replete with adequate warmth and sunlight, but devoid of excessive heat spikes. This harmonious weather pattern facilitated the development of concentration and complexity in the berries without forgoing the essential freshness that makes this region's wines so invigorating.


An Inimitable Investable Treasure

The 1990 Clos de Tart from Mommessin showcases an intrinsic balance of power and elegance. The nose unfurls an intoxicating bouquet of black cherries, autumnal underbrush, and refined minerality. As it opens in the glass, subtle nuances of spice and earth reveal themselves – a testament to nearly three decades of evolution in bottle. On the palate, this wine delivers a sumptuous yet precise tapestry of flavours supported by silky tannins and an impeccable acidic backbone.

For astute collectors and investors, this particular expression represents not only one of the most illustrious vintages but also a slice of oenological history. With its sustained vitality and depth, the 1990 Clos de Tart exhibits both immense drinking pleasure now as well as potential for further maturation.


A Vintage that Continues to Captivate

In summary, the 1990 vintage crafted a singular narrative in Burgundy’s storied winemaking annals, with the Clos de Tart from Mommessin being one of its most exemplary chapters. Its enchanting character rightly positions it as a cornerstone in any serious wine investment portfolio. For those who seek to diversify their assets with tangible luxury commodities, this is a wine that embodies both grandeur and grace — a true vinous gem awaiting its deserved spotlight.

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