Clarendon Hills   Astralis

2003 Astralis

By Clarendon Hills

2003 Astralis by Clarendon Hills, Australia

The 2003 Astralis from Clarendon Hills is, without a doubt, an intensely captivating wine. A powerhouse of Australian viticulture, this exquisite Shiraz displays the nuances of a particularly remarkable vintage. The wine’s enchanting terroir sings from under the Southern Cross.


A One-Off Vintage Emerges Under the Southern Cross

Auspicions of something extraordinary danced in local growers minds around harvest time in 2003; small grape clusters with dense, concentrated berries promised a vintage of uncommon depth and intensity. Gifted by favourable weather conditions and graced by its prominent astral namesake, the 2003 Astralis seamlessly embodies this noteworthy year.

The wine’s definition and abundant depth derive from old, low-yielding vines, reacting vigorously to the lingering heat of the year, straining to transmute the terroir's character into thick-skinned grapes. This interaction gave birth to a multifaceted Shiraz with alluring layers that continue to unfold, much like an everlasting starry night.


Starlight on the Palate - A testament to Australian Wine Investment

This vintage is a compelling illustration of the prowess of Australian winemaking. It exhibits a Structured body wrapped around luscious fruit that commands attention, much akin to distant galaxies holding court in the unending grid of celestial space.

Fruit-forward notes of dark cherries and cassis are woven intricately with whispers of exotic spices. Sanguine undertones offer depth and complexity while a subtle use of French oak provides structure and balance. This potent blend holds a promise for unforgettable experiences similar to gazing into cosmic wonders.


Comet Trails Across the Decades

The 2003 Astralis manifests extraordinary ageing potential. Add its scarcity into the equation, and one can easily understand why it remains a favoured star in the constellation of wine investment portfolios.

Wrapped in an envelope of starlight, the 2003 Astralis from Clarendon Hills is indeed one of the shining gems from Down Under - an ethereal fusion of potency, elegance and longevity that mirrors its celestial namesake. This testament to Australian winemaking is not merely a wine; it's a cosmic journey savoured one sip at a time.

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