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2002 Penfolds Grange

By Penfolds

The 2002 Grange from Penfolds, Australia

The regal 2002 Grange from Penfolds eloquently communicates the essence of the heritage it firmly stands upon. Just as it's astounding for the wine investor to delve into its superb richness every single time, there's an intriguing narrative for anyone fortunate enough to experience this symphony in a bottle.


Artful Maturation, A Marketable Masterpiece

Famed across world markets for its older global siblings, the 2002 holds a special character of its own. Its understated power and loaded finesse reflect the nature of an antique-clockwork relic, made ever more precious by Patience. Upon uncorking this sublime creation, one immerses in an olfactory tapestry adorned with motifs of blackberry compote interlaced with dried spices and a whisper of well-worn leather.


2002: A Year to Remember

Australia, in 2002, saw a harmonious interplay of seasonal traits - a perfect start with good early winter rainfall followed by consistent warm temperatures leading up to harvest. All these elements, combined with Penfolds’ renowned winemaking expertise, have indeed created something genuinely distinctive in 'the Grange'.

Dancing on your palate, the robust Shiraz partners elegantly with a hint of Cabernet Sauvignon. Its unmistakable Australian bones wear an international suit of French oak charm. Traces of mocha and roasted chestnut play out delightfully against an undercurrent of dark berry fruitiness. Unmissable tannins provide the stage upon which these layers perform their sonnetous dance.


Beyond the Pour: Investment Potential

Moving beyond its gustatory pleasure, the 2002 Grange from Penfolds presents a value proposition that strikes a chord with the astute wine investor. Its attraction lies in the slow, graceful ageing curve and impeccable longevity it offers. The word 'peak' in terms of maturity seems almost elusive, a siren song musing about further depths of complexity yet to unfurl.

With its legendary consistency, the 2002 Penfolds Grange is not merely a bottle of wine. It is an indulgence, a testament of time, and an investment that lures both the palate and the portfolio.

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