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2006 Penfolds Grange

By Penfolds

2006 Penfolds Grange from Penfolds, Australia

This year, my palate was inspired by the delightful tableau created by the 2006 Penfolds Grange from Penfolds, Australia—an embodiment of an especially productive and stellar vintage. Regarded as a reputable bearer of the Australian 'Shiraz' label, its notable reputation is only truly realized in exceptional vintages such as these.


2006 - The Year that Spellbounds

This highly investable wine is remarkably distinctive, and the 2006 vintage was a year which produced a spectacular example of Penfolds' renowned dedication to craft. The vintage gave way to lower than average yields due to weather conditions ensuring concentrated and intensely flavoured grapes. These elements combined in perfect synchronicity, allowing the creation of a Penfolds masterpiece.

The wine delivers a categorically stellar performance. Wild black fruit characters provide a sense of authenticity on the nose while the palate explodes with flavours of rich dark chocolate and spicy plum leading to a long, structured finish. This unique harmony speaks volumes about the thoroughly outstanding vintage.


Investment Worthy Luminosity

What sets this particular vintage apart is its invincible structure—elegant, robust, and brimming with an effervescent personality. Its deep, inky hue foreshadows the enthralling sensory journey ahead—one of worthy investment for those with a discerning taste for Australian varietals.

Cherished by connoisseurs, this internationally respected wine is like an Anthology—profoundly composed with hand-picked Shiraz grapes blended with a dash of a secret ingredient: Cabernet Sauvignon—it leaves both an emotional and memorable imprint on one's senses.

Marrying intense concentration with a seamless balance of acidity and tannin, the 2006 Penfolds Grange is much more than just a beverage—it's a narrative of the land from which it came. It creates an awe-inspiring journey, savouring each note, each layer an exquisite revelation of the terroir's tale in this infallible 2006 vintage.

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