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2009 Penfolds Grange

By Penfolds

A Defining Vintage: The 2009 Grange from Penfolds, Australia

The 2009 Penfolds Grange promises an intriguing journey through Australia's wine producing prowess. With a winning combination of old-world tradition and visionary experimentation, Penfolds’ commitment to excellence is consistently embodied in its signature wine, the Grange.


Characterful Landscape Meets Masterful Winemaking

What defines the 2009 Grange from Penfolds isn’t just its pedigree but more intriguingly, the climatic conditions that baptized this vintage. The year was marked by relatively lower rainfall, creating ideal conditions for the low-yielding, high quality fruit. This forms the essence of an exquisite Shiraz, renowned for power, depth and immense longevity.

Utilising a blend of 84% Shiraz with a touch of balance achieved by Cabernet Sauvignon lent the 2009 Grange an exceptional structure and depth.


The Toast of Australia: 2009 Penfolds Grange

The conductive condition of 2009 in key South Australian regions resulted in excellent fruit definition. For Penfolds, it marked a Stellar vintage for crafting one of its iconic expressions. An inviting mix of saturated black fruit compote with a subtle hint of liquorice greets the nose, an undeniable validation of its inherent complexity and personality.

The palate is lavish yet controlled with supple tannin structure provisionally concealed by a dark cocoa veil. A spice wave moving towards powerful, no-holds-barred robustness talks eloquently about its future potential.


Looking to Invest? Choose a Superior Vintage

If you are looking for an investment that delivers both in terms of taste and value, then the 2009 Penfolds Grange isn't just a wine - it’s a testament to an incomparable terroir, the craft of masterful artisans and the perfect climate. An assertive and consummate wine, it has set an exemplary standard for fine wine investment.

Infused with the spirit of Australia and rewarded with exceptional ageing potential, the 2009 Grange from Penfolds is a combination of intense flavor narratives and unmistakable investment value that no admirer of fine wines should miss.

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