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2010 Penfolds Grange

By Penfolds

The 2010 Grange from Penfolds, Australia’s Regnant Icon

Over two centuries of noble Australian viniculture contribute to the vibrant legacy that is the Penfolds brand. It’s certainly no exaggeration to claim that the 2010 Grange from Penfolds takes a prominent corner in this wine panorama, standing out as an exceptional vintage lauded by critics and connoisseurs alike.


A Quintessential Shiraz Showcased

The 2010 Grange is an integral part of the exceptional lineage of Penfolds’ representation of finely crafted Australian shiraz. This captivator is a convincing example of what quintessentially Australian Shiraz brings to the table - dredged in tradition and undeniably fine craftsmanship.

With a stunning balance of old-vine Shiraz softened by 4% Cabernet, this vibrantly hued deep magenta vino is already alluring even without the first taste. The palate itself is a testament to its depth - complex, full-bodied with lusciously dense tannins and a long finish.


Manifestation of A Fine Vintage

In 2010, Australia encountered unusually wet conditions, which brought about revived vineyards and bold grape characters. For a seasoned wine investor, this vintage perfectly illustrates how beneficial climatic variation can be for high-end wines such as the 2010 Grange.

Nuances of liquorice allsorts and dark chocolate come through delightfully on the nose. As you delve deeper into your initial sip, subtler notes emerge: black olives, fresh fig and soaked raisins. The integrated oak contributes harmony and richness.

This expressive wine encapsulates Penfolds' commitment to quality whilst proving itself a veneration-worthy symbol of Australia's vinous prowess. The 2010 Grange from Penfolds is a definitive piece for any discerning collection - asserting its authenticity and prestige, underlining the promise of steady appreciation over the years. It holds a distinction as one of the best vintages in Grange's history, making it worthy of serious wine investment consideration.

Peerless Sculpted Elegance with the 2010 Penfolds Grange

Crafted with elegance, this timeless indulgence is poetry in liqiud form - a fine testament to Australian terroir influence, imbued with both harmony and power. Compelling today and promising for the cellar of tomorrow - captivatingly expressive, complex - an alluring investment proposition that is the 2010 Penfolds Grange.

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