Penfolds   Penfolds Grange

2013 Penfolds Grange

By Penfolds

2013 Penfolds Grange by Penfolds, Australia, Rest of the World

Your senses are in for a sublime revelation as we talk about the 2013 Penfolds Grange from Penfolds - a remarkable vintage that reflects the quintessential character of Australia's most respected wine label.


The Essence of a Remarkable Vintage

Minimal intervention and careful nurturing have resulted in the 2013 Penfolds Grange; a testament to nature seeping into every corner of its profile. A dry winter and mild spring paved the way for an ideal cropping season, encouraging stellar fruit development which shaped this vintage's individuality. The star varietal of this wine is Shiraz, cocooned by a small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon tomorrow add depth and complexity.

Plunge into the wine's deep magenta hues and revel in the opulent nose boasting stints of comfortable oak cultivars - American hogsheads in particular. On a deeper swirl, you will encounter nectar extravagant - cherry liqueur chocolates and Strega liqueur spill over to fill your senses.


The Investable Chord: Perfect Harmony of Terroir, Vintage, and Mastery

Modest climatic conditions coupled with masterful winemaking have created an investment opportunity par excellence in 2013 Penfolds Grange. It's one such vintage that promises potential returns due to its distinctive vintage attributes and a stellar reputation on the global stage.

On the palate, this full-bodied red displays a funambulist's balance between acidity and tannin structure, wrapped with an elegant veil of dark cherry fruit. An array of fruits contributes to an amalgam of succulent delights while the finish is long and captivating—flavours ripple across the palate evoking a fascinating aria.


Impressions of the 2013 Penfolds Grange

The 2013 Penfolds Grange is a lingering testament to Penfolds' commitment to top-tier winemaking—a fascinating union between old-world finesse and new-world vividness. When planted firmly within the holdings of a discerning collector or investor, it promises to unfurl gracefully into a more rewarding state even years down the line. A veritable gem from the rugged landscape of Australia, this is one exceptional composition that deserves its revered status in the halls of legendary wines.

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