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2014 Penfolds Grange

By Penfolds

2014 Penfolds Grange by Penfolds, Australia

An indomitable symbol of Australian viticulture, the 2014 Grange from Penfolds is a year that radiates an unrivalled opulence and boldness. Founders of premium Australian wine, Penfolds has shown us just how profound an expression of Shiraz can be when nurtured with the utmost of care.


A vintage of complexity and structure

The 2014 vintage was intrinsically challenging and character-building for the vineyards, but Penfolds diligently used this adversity to craft an investible gem. Releasing a bottle of Grange is a decision never taken lightly by the seasoned team at Penfolds, and in the case of 2014, their discernment has culminated in remarkable results. This has gifted us with a 2014 Grange that is as captivating for its narrative as it is for its intrinsic quality.

Radiating powerful swirls of dense, inky fruit are predominant in this Shiraz dominant wine, signifying the landmark 2014 Penfolds Grange. The precision and craftsmanship are, indeed, humbling.


Significant investment potential

The longevity of the investment-worthy 2014 Penfolds Grange is underpinned by firm tannins and a balanced acid spine - hallmark traits of Classic Penfolds Grange. A wise allocation to any investor's portfolio - adding not only variety but also potential appreciable returns over time.

The canvas of this deliciously complex wine unfolds with each moment in the glass - ripe plums, exotic spices with a whisper of espresso coffee intermingle effortlessly.

While Penfold’s success story spans two centuries, the meticulous creation of each Grange is what makes these wines so revered and highly collectable worldwide. It’s this combination of the wine’s intrinsic quality and its rich historical narrative that gives 2014 Grange a heightened sense of investment appeal.

The charisma of the varietal character, seasoned with a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon, culminates in the deep-reaching layers of this illustrious bottle - a testament to its potential for further maturation and value appreciation. Undoubtedly, the 2014 Penfolds Grange is a wine crafted to transcend generations, much like Penfolds itself.

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