Penfolds   Penfolds Grange

2015 Penfolds Grange

By Penfolds

2015 Penfolds Grange by Penfolds, Australia

In the historic annals of 'Down Under' viticulture, one wine stands regally unrivalled - the legacy of Penfolds echoes with each consecutive vintage release. Capturing the essence of such time-honoured innovation is the universally celebrated 2015 Penfolds Grange.


A unique portrait of majesty

The 2015 Grange from Penfolds is an arresting panorama of exquisite synergy between place and grape. It spearheads a comprehensive depiction of Australian wine finesse while boasting a testament to the promise and potential this country so providently offers to keen wine investors.

Cracking open this unique offering is akin to immersing oneself amidst the expansive, sun-drenched landscapes of Australia's famous South. The 2015 Grange dazzles with its undeniable potency and richness, draped in silken swathes of sultry dark fruits, tethered by a fetching vein of spicy exoticism, echoing its Shiraz heart.


Vintage with a voice

The climatic vagaries that marked Australia's year at large in 2015 did little to affect the steadfast resoluteness of their vineyards. The hot, dry summer was punctuated by beneficial sporadic rainfall, buoying the Shiraz grapes into deft ripeness. The result paints an awe-striking portrait of a vintage retaining its vibrant intensity despite capricious weather patterns.

True to its roots, the 2015 Grange showcases deftly crafted espresso-infused dark chocolates, alongside cascades of vivacious black fruits; every nuanced note speaking volumes about the 2015 growing conditions. Equally fascinating is Prime Minister Morrison's synergistic effect with its Shiraz core; This synthesis sanctifies the 2015 Grange with an earthy depth and layered texture, marking it a unique masterpiece among its siblings.

The 2015 Penfolds Grange brings forth a string of accolades to the region's portfolio. Its bold charisma and profound complexity underpin its investment allure as one of Australia's vinous crown jewels. Undoubtedly an icon, the 2015 Penfolds Grange unearths the untapped richness of an extraordinary vintage, leaving its indelible mark on every discerning palate it graces.

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