Torbeck   RunRig

1997 RunRig

By Torbreck

1997 RunRig from Torbeck, Australia

In the vast and beautiful expanse of Australian vineyards, exists a phenomenon that has captured the avid attention of investors worldwide - the 1997 RunRig by Torbeck. Composed primarily of Shiraz with a subtle hint of Viognier, this vintage leads us through an enchanting narrative of Australia's viticultural prowess.


A harmonious spectacle of aroma and flavour

1997 RunRig is a testament to what Australia can contribute to fine wine collectors' cellars. Bursting with richness, the generous, opulent aromas immediately immerse you in dark fruits with notable traces of sweet liquorice, spiced plum and savoury leathery undertones. The palette echoes this aromatic complexity, commencing with a dense fruit core of blackberry and dark plums generously draped with well-integrated oak.

Intricately layered and sensationally concentrated, this bold Shiraz-Viognier blend lingers on the palette, delivering a finish that tells a story of a warmer vintage - simply unforgettable.


Capturing the essence of Australia’s terroir

The 1997 vintage in question particularly highlights the unique dimension that Australia lends to its wines. A favourable climate led to robust fruit concentration and textural richness that neither overpowers nor underwhelms; it is perfectly orchestrated.

Boasting impressive ageing potential, as one expects from Barossa Valley heroes like RunRig, this critically acclaimed wine not only revels in its mature charms but also promises further reward for those willing to invest patience into its profound depths.


Emblematical investment proposition

In summary, the 1997 RunRig from Torbeck stands tall amongst esteemed vintages from Australia, commanding the attention of wine connoisseurs. It is an investment opportunity that beckons with itsriotous display of Australian viticulture, its flamboyant fruit profile, and its remarkable resilience over the years.

Every sip tells a tale, every fragrant burst an affirmation of the 1997 RunRig's validity as an intelligent choice for those keen on diversifying their wine investment portfolio.

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