Torbeck   RunRig

1999 RunRig

By Torbreck

1999 RunRig from Torbeck, Barossa Valley, Australia

The 1999 RunRig from Torbeck is an arresting representation of the superior quality of this legendary Australian Shiraz - a sublime expression of both the vintage and the unique terroir of the Barossa Valley. Despite challenging growing conditions capped by an unseasonably wet harvest season in 1999, Torbeck managed to produce a wine that has become a highlight both throughout their portfolio and within wider Australian viticulture.


Barossa Valley's Terroir Triumph

Torbeck's commitment to organic farming practices truly displays its effectiveness in vintages like 1999. Having preserved the health of their vines and their soils, the estate was able to synergise these elements with ingenuous winemaking nuances to craft a time-honoured gem.

The fruits for the 1999 RunRig were carefully selected, revealing rich plum and sweetly spiced characters upon release. This has now matured into an opulent blend of dark fruit overtones weaved with aging leather and tobacco notes, precipitating an alluring tapestry of complexity.


Invest in Unique Vintages Beyond Borders

Investing in exceptional vintages from yield-challenged years may be daunting, but it is wines like the 1999 RunRig that prove with conviction why this approach can be so rewarding. Bottles of mastery from difficult vintages stand as testament to a producer's prowess, becoming sought after pieces in any serious wine collection.

Swirling in the glass today, sourced from wise investments two decades prior, the 1999 RunRig merges finesse and power. A deep ruby hue catching the light alludes to its graceful age while distinguishing itself from more recent vintages with its evolved palate.

Collectors, connoisseurs, and investors who have procured this gem of a vintage, the 1999 RunRig by Torbeck will surely attest to its rewarding investment potential and the unparalleled gratification it sparks with every savoured sip.

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