Torbeck   RunRig

2001 RunRig

By Torbreck

2001 RunRig from Torbeck, Australia

Some wine vintages serve as a testament to the extraordinary mastery of their creators, the 2001 RunRig from Torbeck being a classic example. Nestled in the heart of South Australia’s renowned Barossa Valley, Torbeck has sculpted a singular tapestry which blends the brute strength inherent to Australian Shiraz with the grace and fineness of Viognier.


Terroir and Testing Conditions: The making of a champion

Torbeck's heritage vineyards made it through the tough climatic conditions of 2001 resulting in lower yields but producing concentrated grapes, flavoured heavily with the thrill of survival. This vintage captures the essence of that challenge. Old stony soils coupled with low yielding but weather-hardened bush vines have nurtured grapes rioting with layers of complex flavour profiles.


Viognier Intricacy entwined within Pristine Shiraz Expressions

In an inspired move by Torbeck, a splash of Viognier (around 4%) was co-fermented with its Austrialian Shiraz. The subsequent blend showcases a deep and sultry aromatic profile combining blackberry and plum fruits framed against demure hints of crushed violet - showcasing the nuances added by Viognier.

The genius of 2001 RunRig lies in its finesse. It delivers an immersive palate experience worthy of its stellar reputation, with plums, black cherries and herbs that immolate across the palate leaving trails of liquorice and dark chocolate in their wake.


2001 RunRig: One for the Portfolio?

Patient collectors will attest to the fantastic ageing potential that 2001 RunRig offers - an intriguing proposition for any potential investors. The initial yield, though low in volume, was high in quality and as the years roll by the wine continues to mature with grace. For those seeking a discerning addition to their portfolios, the 2001 RunRig from Torbeck is certainly worth considering.

This captivating vintage is, without doubt, woven into Australia’s tapestry of winemaking magic and shines as one of the finest iterations in the long, impressive lineage of Torbeck’s RunRig productions. It beautifully captures the spirit of its provenance and the resilience of a challenging year, serenely promising further elegance with more years in the bottle.

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