Torbeck   RunRig

2006 RunRig

By Torbreck

2006 RunRig by Torbreck, Australia, Rest of the World

A synonym to decadent elixir, the 2006 RunRig from Torbreck has been captivating the palates of wine connoisseurs across the globe since its debut. Influence of a season replete with radiant sunshine and timely showers can be deciphered with a mere swirl of this Shiraz and Viognier blend.


A tale as old as vines

Hailing from the soil of South Australia's Barossa Valley, woven into each drop of the 2006 RunRig lies four decades of Torbreck's winemaking tradition. The nexus between the understanding of the terroir and the execution of winemaking is beautifully portrayed in this wine.

Vintage 2006 stands out for its impeccable balance and harmony, its ever so subtle nuance interacting charmingly with imprinting freshness showcasing the phenomenal ageing potential. Truly, it’s a charismatic vintage suited to long-term investment.


Reaping the fruits of a benevolent year

The year 2006 handed down what some might describe as a 'remarkable Australian wine-growing summer'. It endowed consistent temperate climate that allowed the grapes to attain perfect ripeness accompanied by a lineage of opulent tannins that add to the sumptuousness of this reputable wine.

Beautifully intertwined on the nose are scintillating notes of dark fruit compote, nuances of allspice, and a tad bit of licorice. It opens up to hues of blueberry and mulberry, coupled with subtle undertones of black pepper spice on your palate. And then, that lingering mineral finish! Oh! What joy it brings, making you yearn for another sip.

The 2006 RunRig from Torbreck lyrically reflects on a wine's ability to narrate its year of production in a manner that's nothing short of poetry. The freshness, the perfect tannin structure, and the layers of nuance make this amongst the most unforgettable vintages for Shiraz.

An official icon of Australian viticulture, the 2006 RunRig from Torbreck checks all boxes for those looking for an enticing venture into wine investment.

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