Torbeck   RunRig

2007 RunRig

By Torbreck

2007 RunRig from Torbeck, Australia

The 2007 RunRig from Torbeck is an exemplar of Australian Shiraz at its most complex. Hailing from the Barossa Valley, a region renowned for its capacity to nurture this vibrant varietal, our 2007 RunRig establishes a resounding statement about the compelling potential of New World wines and their investability.


Mid-cycle maturity meets Imperial strength

Torbeck's meticulous wine-producing philosophy echoes in the heart of this royal vintage. Garnering plaudits for its still youthful vigour, it is the sophisticated interplay between the robust Shiraz and Viognier's effervescence that distinguishes the 2007 RunRig.

A bouquet of black cherries, cassis, and blueberry married with smoky tar and liquorice nuances promises an immersive palate voyage. The wine reigns with an imperial strength of mid-cycle maturity, accentuated by integrated tannins and an arresting finish.


Vintage variations highlight a tour de force terroir

The 2007 vintage was unique in Australia due to early rainfall followed by modest temperatures. This amalgam of climatic conditions gave birth to an optimal ripening environment for Shiraz in Barossa Valley, reinforcing Torbeck's decision to seize the opportunity and produce a masterpiece.

Presenting itself not as a grown-up version of the juvenile Australian Shiraz we've all sailed with but a mature incarnation reveling in its singularity, the 2007 RunRig illustrates what masterful vinification can achieve in perfect growing conditions.


An ingenious investment in New World sophistication

The 2007 RunRig embodies exactly what a seasoned investor seeks: exclusivity, pedigree, and a forecasted long life. Tracked progression reveals complexity deepening through time, and patient investors will be rewarded with maturation that only amplifies this mighty vintage's majesty. Radiating an uncanny grace beneath a veil of power, the 2007 RunRig from Torbeck is a testament to the landscape of thoughtful wine investing.

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