Torbeck   RunRig

2008 RunRig

By Torbreck

2008 RunRig from Torbeck, Australia

The 2008 RunRig from Torbeck is an artistic representation of the kind of brilliant craftsmanship that Australian winemaking is capable of. Its reputable birthplace, the Barossa Valley, has given birth to arguably one of the finest expressions of Australian Shiraz coupled seamlessly with Viognier, a duo that embraces harmony and symmetry.


Brimming with Brilliance, a Savvy Choice for Investors

Torbeck's unwavering commitment to showcase the purity of its fruit and highlight its provenance has proved to be a successful strategy. Winemaker Dave Powell's decision to co-ferment rather than blend small Viognier parcels with Shiraz gave birth to a superlative among wine champions - the 2008 RunRig. It’s a wine investment that speaks volumes not just on palette but also the portfolio.

An exquisite dark ruby hue introduces you to an aromatic profile that exhibits sensuous notes of blackberry, cassis, and Oriental spices - all beautifully layered and enticing. The palate does not stray far, providing a robust taste journey punctuated by flavours of dark chocolate, black fruits, and lip-smacking pepper spice layers.


A remarkable vintage, shaping exceptional wines

Sailing through the complexities of 2008's slightly rainy weather pattern and global economic downturn, the RunRig stood its ground as a resilient essence in a bottle. The eventful year only seemed to have paced its maturation effortlessly into a medium-bodied palate pleaser.

Australia’s oeuvre in winemaking is well recorded - yet some vintages stand taller. The 2008 RunRig by Torbeck is one such pedestal occupant.

This mesmerising Shiraz brings not just taste, luxury, and finesse but consistent investment returns. As wine investors look to bank on worldly wines apart from the likes of Bordeaux and Burgundy, the 2008 RunRig is an attractive prospect worth watching.

In essence, the 2008 RunRig from Torbeck exudes a coveted exotic blend, marries boutique production with robust flavors and serves as a beacon of the Shiraz-Viognier coupling which stands as a testament to Australia's impressive presence on the fine wine scene. A truly must-have for any discerning investor's cellar.

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