Torbeck   RunRig

2009 RunRig

By Torbreck

2009 RunRig from Torbeck, Australia

Distinguished wine enthusiasts will fondly recall the exquisite abundance of the 2009 vintage in Australia; a year marked by climatic perfection which allowed wines to achieve expressive concentration and balance. Among the top-performing varieties shines the 2009 RunRig from Torbeck, a commanding example of grandeur from one of Australia’s celebrated wine producers.


Aussie Rockstar: 2009 RunRig

Harvested from ancient dry-grown vineyards, this masterfully composed Shiraz exudes pedigree. Exhibiting the hallmark intensity and depth traditionally associated with its maker, Torbeck, the 2009 RunRig stands as an investable proposition for discerning oenophiles seeking to refine their portfolio.

There's an imposing generosity to this Shiraz that commands attention from first aroma to enduring finish. Laden with the black fruit opulence typical of solid Barossa Valley produce, supported by judicious notes of licorice, violet and hints of eucalyptus, it exudes an indomitable spirit highlighted by its year.


2009: A Vintage Year Down Under

The 2009 vintage was notably generous across various Australian regions due to warm, dry conditions persisting throughout most stages of crop development. This climatic harmony has promoted the maturation of grape batches with unbridled flavour intensity and structure; characteristics fully realized in the 2009 RunRig from Torbeck.

This epitome of Austral elegance caresses the palate with vibrant layers of forest fruit underscored by a heady exotic spice. Fine-grain tannins and well-judged acidity bestow it with good cellaring potential, reinforcing its appeal to astute wine investors.

In retrospect, the 2009 RunRig demonstrates a unique marriage of its varietal origin, vintage and winemaker signature; unfolding in a symphony of full-bodied richness that will continue to enchant in the forthcoming years. Here lies an exquisite opportunity to invest in one of the luminous stars residing in the Australian winemaking firmament.

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