Torbeck   RunRig

2010 RunRig

By Torbreck

An Exploration into the 2010 RunRig from Torbeck, Quintessential Australian Shi​​raz

Nestled within the rural expanses of Barossa Valley sits a jewel in the crown of Australian viticulture - Torbeck. The exceptional craftsmanship of this revered winery has once again proved sublime in the 2010 vintage RunRig. Notable for its vigour and charisma, it stands as a testament to Torbeck's soil-to-bottle ethos.


Bountiful harvest, Brilliant Investment

Torbeck's commitment to low yielding, old vines lends unparalleled intensity to this fine investment wine. The 2010 vintage shines with an escalating harmony of black plum, ink and crushed rock underpinned by vivacious Indian spice accents. It spirals into an exuberant crescendo, demonstrating the pivotal role that old vine Shiraz and minuscule amounts of Viognier play in creating an unforgettable taste experience.

There's no question about it; sharing a bottle of 2010 RunRig from Torbeck is an event. Its distinctiveness and lauded cellaring potential only serve to amplify its allure for investors seeking future dividends from a landmark vintage.


The 2010 RunRig - Emblematic of Australia's Grandeur

The terroir-driven inspiration behind RunRig is powerfully exhibited in the 2010 vintage. Largely due to warm growing conditions and late season rain, it emanates more vitality and suppleness than its predecessors.

Your palate is immediately greeted by vibrant dark fruit flavours juxtaposed against gentle waves of fresh forest floor and silent whispers of truffle. Intricate layers unfold revealing nuanced muscadelle and cassis undertones all culminating in an elegant finish

A wine such as the 2010 RunRig from Torbeck embodies the blithe spirit of the Australian landscape and winemaking prowess. It is a bedazzling demonstration of one of the best years in Barossa Valley history, its character reflecting a remarkable season’s weather patterns. It's not just a wine; it's an investment and an experience that truly matters.


An Unforgettable Journey in Every Bottle

Vivid, complex, and spectacularly balanced, the 2010 RunRig is one for collectors to embrace and investors to covet. It’s a wine that leaves an indelible mark on not just the senses but also, with judicious cellaring, will undoubtedly yield impressive returns in due time.

The legacy of the 2010 RunRig from Torbeck speaks for itself; tangibly reflected by its superior quality, sheer pleasure in every sip and boundless investment potential.

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