Torbeck   RunRig

2013 RunRig

By Torbreck

2013 RunRig from Torbeck, Australia, Rest of the World

Sending your senses on an aromatic journey through the rough and rustic Australian landscape, the 2013 RunRig from Torbeck distinctly captures the vibrant personality of a truly investment-worthy vintage. As you raise your glass to savour that first delightful sip, you understand why this exquisite blend has always held a prominent standing among discerning investors.


A Symphony of Power and Elegance

With an admirable combination of commanding presence and measured restraint, the 2013 RunRig effortlessly exhibits the profound potential that lies behind an auspicious wine investment. With each pour, there's an unveiling of a remarkable fusion of old vine Shiraz and Viognier, a unique offering that defines Torbeck's pedigree.


Celebrating Australia's Unforgiving Beauty

Australia 2013 was a year that bestowed upon us a remarkably balanced growing season after enduring years marked by errant climatic conditions. The bouts of temperate weather tempered by occasional heatwaves giving rise to a superbly ripened grape, adds an extra layer of complexity to this noteworthy vintage.

This Shiraz Veignier mesh offers mouth-coating layers of blueberry, wild blackberry and plum ensuring every sip serves as a spirited encore of the last, perfectly juxtaposed by traces of spice and floral aromatics.


Redefining Investment Potential

Relishing in the versatility of Australia's terroir and climate, Torbeck's visionary approach has culminated in the emergence of the stellar 2013 RunRig. Encapsulating vigour alongside elegance, generosity plus structure; this wine encapsulates what it means to be a deftly balanced amalgamation.

For those in the know, this RunRig stands as an unmissable investment opportunity - it is not just a tribute to a memorable season, but also a testament to the grandeur of Torbeck's wine-making prowess. This exceptional vintage truly celebrates the unique character of its birthplace and underlines the notion that there remains unexplored value in the "Rest of the World".


The 2013 RunRig: Style in Every Sense

With its potent mixture of sensory satisfaction and robust numbers, the 2013 RunRig from Torbeck once again validates why it remains one of the finest offerings from Australia. Whether for your cherished collection or for its hidden wealth growth potential, this highly-regarded vintage proves that true quality actually lies in "Rest of the World", making it a thought-provoking prospect for any keen wine investor.

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