Torbeck   RunRig

2014 RunRig

By Torbreck

2014 RunRig from Torbeck, Australia, Rest of the World

The 2014 vintage brings an inimitable offering to Torbeck’s portfolio. From the famed Barossa Valley, this vintage presents a remarkable consistency and uniqueness deserving of the RunRig splendour. The 2014 RunRig stands as a monument to Australia’s iconic Shiraz, balanced judiciously with small amount of Viognier, lending a poetic emphasis to its character.


Distinctive character, a discerning investment

This vintage blesses the eon-aged vines from which it hails. The bedrock of its character is unmistakably Barossan, but its rich complexity sets it distinctly apart. The use of Viognier adds grace and aromatic beauty, creating a wine that only improves with age - ideal for patient investors seeking long-term appreciation.

The 2014 RunRig from Torbeck seamlessly transitions between power and elegance. Its initial exuberance gives way to a mid-palate embedded with dark fruits, chocolate and exotic spices that simultaneously soothes and excites the palate.


Poetic nuances from an exceptional vintage

The weather patterns of the 2014 season in Australia produced cooler conditions. It's been an ideal vintage for our Rhône-inspired blend to showcase intensity alongside deftness, truly affirming this as one of those rare moments where conditions align perfectly with ambition.

This potent offering from the Antipodes surpasses previous vintages. Its blueberries and spices are intertwined with whispers of smoky cedar and soft floral notes echoing in neatly knitted layers. Over time, these flavours evolve into even more complex notes of truffles and smoked meats, creating a symphony of taste on the palate.

The RunRig asserts why Torbeck is regarded as a cornerstone of contemporary Australian wine. It offers investors more than just a remarkable sipping experience; it's an investing opportunity in a 2014 masterpiece that only gets better with time.

In the realm of fine wine investment, the 2014 RunRig from Torbeck stands out as a promising contender, showcasing not only the wondrous capabilities of Australia’s premier wine region but also the foresight and refinement brought to bear by its esteemed producer.

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