Domaine MS Ogier DAmpuis   Cote Rotie Lancement

2014 Cote Rotie Lancement

By Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis

2014 Cote Rotie Lancement from Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis, Rhone

The grandeur and mastery exhibited in the production of the 2014 Cote Rotie Lancement from Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis is indeed a sight to behold. This intense and vibrant libation encapsulates brilliantly the essence of Rhone's distinguished lineage, honoring its legacy with every sip.


Dark Fruit Dynamics, The Mark of Elegance

Signifying the poise and precision of the winemaker, the 2014 Cote Rotie Lancement displays a robust dance of dark fruits heightened by a fine tannic structure. Utilizing Syrah grapes — a Rhone staple — suffused with an undercurrent of pronounced minerality, it stands as an impressive interpretation of its vintage and demonstrates the potential and value wine investors covet.

This wine's voluptuous palate, characterized by blackcurrant, violet and black olive notes, is reminiscent of nothing less than a symphony carefully composed by the hands of time and nature. Each element serves a purpose; each layer adds depth to its character.


A Softer Touch for this Stellar Year

Within the realm of Rhone wines, 2014 was indeed a unique year. Temperatures were cooler than usual during this growing season, enabling more prolonged ripening period for grapes. This climate-led leisurely maturation imparts to the 2014 Cote Rotie Lancement a profound subtlety and sophistication unrivalled by hotter, hastier years.

The resulting wine is one that teases investors with softer tannins while maintaining structure enough to hold remarkable aging potential. Quite evidently, Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis mastered this delicate balance in 2014, undeniably positioning this Cote Rotie Lancement as a choice selection for the discerning oenophile.


Summing Up This Rhone Gem

The 2014 Cote Rotie Lancement from Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis is a radiant rendition of Rhone's prowess, offering intriguing complexity and elegant refinement. It is more than just a wine; it's an encapsulation of a tender year, a tactile testament to the Rhone terroir and a compelling investment prospect with promising returns. Invest in this alluring asset today and savor the journey it bespeaks.

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