Domaine MS Ogier DAmpuis   Cote Rotie Lancement

2015 Cote Rotie Lancement

By Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis

The 2015 Cote Rotie Lancement from Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis, Rhone

The 2015 vintage of the Cote Rotie Lancement by the esteemed Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis has been described as one of exceptional poise and refinement. This glorious Rhone wine, a beautiful expression of its time, is sheer testament to the meticulous care the state has taken to capture the radiance of the 2015 season.


A Beautiful Balance: Vintage Specificity

The victory of the 2015 vintage lies in the balance of its attributes. Despite being preceded by an infamously tough growing season, this year catapulted Rhone into stardom owing to nature's generosity. The resulting ripeness and concentration alongside an unanticipated freshness are what characterizes this Cote Rotie Lancement, making it stand apart in the lineage.

Drawn from vines planted on steep slopes, these wines encapsulate every dip and peak that defines the Rhone terroir. The expressing of its nurtured Syrah grapes paints a sumptuous tableau of dark berry notes and a compelling undercurrent of spice.


A Favourable Investment Choice: The Ageing Potential

More than just an enchanting elixir for the discerning palate, for many, the allure of this wine lies in its considerable investment potential. The stoic structure and poised tannins that come alive in every swig hold a promising future for longevity. For lovers and investors alike, this suggests that the 2015 Cote Rotie Lancement indeed wields an enticing promise- that its beauty will not fade but instead intensify with age.

This expressive wine stands as a testament to the enduring reputation of the Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis, marching forth as one of the commanding figures in a competitive market, known for their masterful artistry in portraying the best of the Rhone region.


A Harmonious Blend for an Unforgettable Experience

This wine presents an ensemble of all embodiments of a fine Rhone vintage, the richness of perfectly ripened Syrah grapes marries seamlessly with the unique climatic character that 2015 bestowed upon them. A sip orchestrates into a harmonious dance presentation on the palate, it lingers - ensuring an unforgettable experience. With its reputation and the praise it has garnered from critics, we can say without reservation that the 2015 Cote Rotie Lancement from Domaine M&S Ogier D'Ampuis is an investment worthy of your cellar and indeed, to your fine wine collection.

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My top pick among Ogier’s 2015s is his 2015 Cote Rotie Lancement. It shows wonderful smoky, herbal and bacony complexity on the nose, then follows that up with a concentrated, medium to full-bodied wine that stays light on its feet through a nearly endless finish. A really spectacular effort, worth the search.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 29 December 2017

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