Guigal   La Landonne

2003 La Landonne

By Guigal

An Exquisite Dance of Power and Elegance: The 2003 La Landonne by Guigal, Rhone

With a deep dive into the heart of Rhone Valley, the 2003 La Landonne from Guigal is an exposition of fine winemaking artistry interlaced with Mother Nature’s generosity. A year blessed cruelly with blistering summer heat, and, in return, this vintage emerged as a swan of surreal elegance amidst power.


Terroir Unleashed in Every Sip

Offering an architectural triumph over the gruelling climatic conditions of 2003, the vineyard produced an avant-garde representation of the typicity of Northern Rhone Syrah. The careful nurturing of 65-year-old vines in mica-schist soils infuses a distinct minerality that sings harmoniously alongside the luscious tones of dark fruit and spices.

The palate confirms what one already suspects: this is no run-of-the-mill vintage. Precise extraction and ageing in barrels for a remarkable 42 months have resulted in a wine, heartbreaking in its complexity yet satisfyingly well-balanced with ample maturity for investors to savour or shrewdly hold onto.


The Magnificence of 2003 Expressed through Guigal’s Expertise

Leave it to Guigal to seize upon the idiosyncrasy of the 2003 vintage, adding their nurturing touch to produce a wine that's both richly expressive and potent. The robust structure is finely etched with gentle undertones of smoked meat, blackcurrant confiture and licorice making for an olfactory delight.

A mention must be made about the velvety tannins that don't shy away but perform a structured ballet across the palate. These attributes, partnered with an elegant yet striking core of exuberant fruit, crown the 2003 La Landonne, making it a heroic contender worthy of any wine investor's attention.

In the realm of fine wines, the 2003 vintage from Guigal has penned a narrative symbolising man’s sympathetic dance with nature, underlining why Rhone continues to remain an appealing region for discerning connoisseurs and invested collectors alike.

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The 2003 Cote Rotie la Landonne continues to blow me away every time I taste it and it's a desert island wine for me. One of the stars of this extreme vintage, it offers sensational levels of fruit and decadence, perfumed, intense aromatics, beautiful freshness and a to-die-for texture and finish. Still youthful, with masses of sweet tannin, it's nevertheless a a heavenly drink today.

Jeb Dunnuck - The Wine Advocate, 13 September 2015

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