Guigal   La Landonne

2005 La Landonne

By Guigal

2005 La Landonne from Guigal, Rest of the World

The year of 2005 gifted us with a noteworthy vintage from the prominent domaine of Guigal - the Romantically Rhone-based La Landonne. The unique weather patterns of 2005 made their mark, giving us something profoundly special in this particular Syrah.


An Exclusive Investment Opportunity

Every wine investor pays attention when a Guigal creation crosses their path. Founded in 1946 by Etienne Guigal, this world-renowned domaine has since upheld a remarkable legacy of expertise and artistry. The 2005 La Landonne undoubtedly reflects the producer's deft hand and commitment to quality.

This wine offers itself not only as a sublime introduction to truly high-class French Syrah, but also as an invitation into the recondite world of fine wine investment.


A Dramatic Dance of Flavours

The temperament of weather in 2005 Rhone Valley rendered its effects on this vintage most vividly. With ideal balance between summer's gentle heat and autumn's chill, this wine exhibits a formidable expression of individuality. Its structure strikes with staunch intentionality and passion, while providing just enough restraint to stoke intrigue.

This vintage beholds an entrancing beauty with its rich character boldened by strong black fruit and spice flavours juxtaposed with an earthy freshness unique to the terroir. Underneath, hints of dipped chocolate and ripe dark cherries create sophisticated layers and deep complexity that only elevate the appeal for astute investors.


Conclusion: A Vintage Worth Visiting

For those in search of an exquisite diversification to their wine portfolio, or simply a leisurely delve into a provoking, high-end Rhone Syrah - the 2005 La Landonne from Guigal presents a tempting proposition. Its exceptional quality and promise of maturation potential wraps this vintage as an enticing investment opportunity. Secure a bottle, or even a case, for your collection and enjoy the journey that the 2005 La Landonne guarantees to take you on.

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The 2005 Cote Rotie la Landonne is utterly profound, and is certainly in the same league as the '10, '09, '03, '99, '90, '89 and other incredible vintages (the list of top vintages here is almost too long to list). Inky colored, structured, tannic, massively concentrated and still with phenomenal texture and richness, it has the classic dark fruits, tapenade and meatiness of the cuvee, but at age 10, is still an infant. It needs 4-5 years and will be a 50+ year wine.

Jeb Dunnuck - The Wine Advocate, 13 September 2015

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