Guigal   La Landonne

2008 La Landonne

By Guigal

2008 La Landonne from Guigal, Rhone, Rest of the World

Enveloped in the rolling hills of Rhone, E. Guigal Winery has cultivated an enviable reputation for producing inspiring red wines. The 2008 La Landonne from Guigal astoundingly epitomises this quality and tradition, crafting a bold narrative that confidently deviates from its lineage.


An Investable Diversion from Tradition

In stark contrast to the sweltering climes typically associated with its previous vintages, the 2008 season was marked by uncommonly cool weather and ample rainfall. This variation in climate challenged Guigal, leading to a more measured maturation of its Syrah grapes and influencing a fresh take infused with subtle complexity.

Opening a bottle of 2008 La Landonne is akin to unfolding an intricately scripted tale that takes one through the verdant landscapes of Rhone.


A Cooler Year, A Cooler Wine

The coolness of the season bestowed upon the 2008 La Landonne undertones of plush black fruits interspersed with intricate layers of cracked pepper and tapenade. The wine's palate draws you in with an enticingly structured acidity, offering a fascinating counterbalance to its robust tannin structure.

True to the new script, the vintage presents itself with unwavering assurance and charm.

This divergence from traditional heavy-handedness has resulted in an expressive vintage ready for enjoyment now or worthy of investment for those looking into long-term speculation.

The 2008 La Landonne, while straying from its predecessors slightly, seamlessly marries Rhone Syrah's characteristic vigor with the surprising subtlety bestowed by an atypical season. An astute wine investor will discern the potential held within every bottle of this singular vintage.


A Wine Defined by its Vintage

A masterpiece of balance, structure, and complexity, the 2008 La Landonne reflects both its unique weather conditions and the unparalleled craftsmanship of Guigal. The result is a timely reminder that the unpredictable world of wine can occasionally narrate delightful stories for those willing to listen carefully.

This review aims to capture not only the individuality of Guigal's 2008 La Landonne but its place in the world of fine wine, affording the reader an intimate glimpse into a singular point in time bottled for your palette's pleasure.

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The most successful of the three Cote Roties in 2008, the 2008 Cote Rotie la Landonne is a candidate for the wine of the vintage. Cigar tobacco, pepper, cured meats and abundant dark fruits all give way to a full-bodied, balanced, impressively concentrated wine that has integrated acidity, plenty of fruit and solid ripeness to its tannin. Opting to use 100% stems during the fermentation, the Guigals questioned whether the '08 should see the standard 4 years in barrel, but after continually tasting the wine (this father/son team tastes more frequently - and quickly - than just about any vignerons I know), they opted to keep it in barrel for the full duration. It's absorbed every trace of it's oak elevage and is drinking nicely today.

Jeb Dunnuck - The Wine Advocate, 13 September 2015

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