Guigal   La Landonne

2009 La Landonne

By Guigal

The 2009 La Landonne from Guigal, Rhône

Bringing to life the bold and resplendent characteristics of the northern Rhône region, this treasured Syrah, a vintage 2009 La Landonne from renowned producer Guigal, is a testament to the intricate genius that can be extracted from one singular varietal.


A sterling expression of the year's favouring climate conditions

The growing season of 2009 was characteristically benevolent, gracing the grapes with plenty of sun and heat, culminating in perfectly ripe, concentrated fruit. This propitious climate has transferred into an alluring dichotomy within the wine; one marked by a rich, confident display of voracity yet balanced with an undeniable finesse.

The 2009 La Landonne showcases an invigorating mix of taste profiles; layers of blackberry and blackcurrant infused with hints of smoke and spice, round off with undercurrents of rich chocolate and subtle licorice. It’s a wonderful weave of flavours, nicely conjoined in perfect harmony, adequately portraying the potential for long-term investment.


Grown on revered terroir, crafted by masterful hands

Matured on the famed La Landonne vineyard's steep terraced slopes comprising mica-schist soils, Guigal has achieved what many vintners strive for - a synoptic expression of both nature and nurture intertwined in a bottle.

The fermentation process in stainless steel followed by an extravagant 42 months aging in new oak barrels has padded out the Syrah’s strength while softening its edges, unveiling an elegant masterpiece that offers supreme value to savvy wine investors. Incorporated expertly into this wine is a lifespan stretching over three decades - a testament to the inherent investment potential.


2009 La Landonne by Guigal: An embodiment of vintage excellence

The 2009 La Landonne paints a rich tapestry of Rhône rooted dark fruits, exotic spices and complex earthy underpinnings all beautifully ensnared within an accessible and supple texture. All these characteristics mark this offering from Guigal as one of the top expressions of Syrah, making this premier cru a crucial addition to any investment portfolio.

The wine's current evolution stage lends itself well to both early enjoyment and the potential for stealthy growth, making it not just a physical possession but a mystical journey that tells a tale of an extraordinary vintage. The lingering echoes of its sumptuous taste seem to hint at the tales yet untold, igniting anticipation for the nuances further cellaring can reveal.

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Much more upfront and easy to read than the backward 2010, the 2009 Cote Rotie la Landonne is an insanely beautiful wine. Smoked meats, game, black olives, charcoal, black raspberries and pepper all literally soar from this beauty and it hits the palate with a massively concentrated, almost over-the-top decadence that's impossible to resist. Despite its wealth of fruit, it has a huge core of tannin and needs 4-5 years at a minimum. Like the 2010, it will have a half-century or more of longevity.

Jeb Dunnuck - The Wine Advocate, 13 September 2015

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