Guigal   La Landonne

2013 La Landonne

By Guigal

2013 La Landonne from Guigal, Rhone

The elegant 2013 La Landonne from Guigal is undeniably a tribute to the splendour of Rhone, a mark of an exceptional vintage. Having savoured each release from this eminent winery over four decades, I can readily affirm that Guigal has triumphed magnificently in encapsulating the essence of 2013.


A Symphony of Complexity

This particular manifestation showcases their prodigious expertise magnificently. The defining feature of the 2013 season was its equable cool conditions - a climatic interlude posing a tantalising challenge for vintners. Yet, Guigal flawlessly leverages this cool climate to imbue the La Landonne with a profound complexity.

Sipping the 2013 vintage, it's as if one is interpreting a dramatic symphony through the palate - dark fruit layers play fervently against a smoky, meaty undertone, the distinct nuances revealing the terroir's richness. Throughout this consummate act, Syrah grape acts as the magnificent conductor - plump, poised and pitch-perfect. The wine’s muscular structure is the result of meticulous harvesting, ensuring enviable longevity and making it a desirable prospect for fine wine investors.


Rhone’s 2013: A Statement of Finesse

A testament to patience, the unique power of the 2013 in Rhone stemmed from vines nurtured under lengthened growing cycle - contributing substantially to their stunning constitution. This robust constitution thus promises an appreciable development over time.

The 2013 La Landonne by Guigal is an exceptional vintage that captures the cool climatic moodiness of the season while expressing an opulence and finesse. The depth along with the longevity of this beauty will intrigue lovers of terroir-expressive reds as well as prudent wine investors in its long-term potential.

This 2013 vintage sets La Landonne from Guigal apart, illuminating it as an exemplar of Rhone viniculture and a rewarding inclusion to any discerning portfolio. Both a melody for the senses and a strategic investment, it beckons you to indulge and speculate.

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La Landonne is never destemmed and is always the last of the single-vineyard wines to be picked. Philippe Guigal calls it “the most Pauillac of the Cote Roties,” and the 2013 Cote Rotie La Landonne bears that out. It’s slightly austere and firmly tannic, with attractive floral aromas and layers of dark fruit that will require time to fully emerge.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 29 December 2017

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