Guigal   La Mouline   Cote Blonde

2011 La Mouline - Cote Blonde

By Guigal

2011 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal, Rhône

The allure of the 2011 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal is as captivating as the terrains of Rhône, within which these precious grapes were patiently cultivated. Like many illustrious vintages from Guigal, this 2011 Syrah iteration bears the sophistication that Rhône is known for, yet stands distinct with its own unique expression of terroir and climatic influences of that particular year.


A Vintage Calling Card

The beauty of the 2011 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal stems from the subtle synergies between terroir and vintage. Similar to how a conductor instinctively leads an orchestra, Guigal splendidly guided the winemaking process this year allowing for nature’s eclipse to become music in a bottle. The good yield of the Syrah grape in 2011, robust yet embellished with moderate tannins, completed the harmonious balance particularly noticeable in this vintage.


The Rhône Revelry of Flavours

Distinguishing it from other vintages, the 2011 reveals refined chromatics of black cherry and lavender on the nose, a nod to the cooler yet consistent weather conditions during the grape maturation period. Swirling in your glass, you’ll witness a ballet of pepper spice mixing harmoniously with licorice notes - not common to all Rhône Syrahs but indeed a vintage characteristic defining this 2011 release.

A classic example of Rhône Valley magnificence in a bottle, the Guigal name on the label provides assurance you're investing not merely in a remarkable wine but also a legacy that stands tall within the realm of viticulture.


2011 Meets Elegance and Sophistication

Accomplished palates will appreciate the singularity of the 2011 La Mouline - Cote Blonde. Whether tasted today or left to impress with further years of cellaring, this wine unravels its narrative progressively starting from the earthy soils of Rhône to the glorious grape harvest in 2011 and its delicate maturation under Guigal's careful watch. Wait for the final act, a crescendo of flavours, a dramatic finish that highlights not only the expertise of Guigal but also the sublime secrets each vintage can behold. This is an investment in vinous brilliance that speaks profound volumes about you as an investor.

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Starting out the single vineyards and bottled in February (after over four years in new oak barrels), the 2011 Cote Rotie la Mouline is as slutty, sexy and seamless as they come. Full-bodied, thrillingly concentrated and unctuous, it offers classic Mouline notes of cured meats, violets, black raspberries, espresso and hints of vanilla bean. Philippe Guigal commented that the worst thing about 2011 was the it came after 2010, and while the previous two vintages will get all of the attention, this 2011 will deliver almost as much pleasure, and do it right from the start as well. It needs 3-4 years of cellaring and will drink sensationally through 2041.

Jeb Dunnuck - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2015

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