Guigal   La Mouline   Cote Blonde

2013 La Mouline - Cote Blonde

By Guigal

2013 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal, Rhone

The 2013 vintage of La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal offers an intriguing profile for the true wine investor who appreciates the elaborate artwork of winemaking in one of France's most heralded regions, the Rhone. The distinct attributes of the 2013 vintage set it markedly apart from its brothers and sisters in the illustrious lineage of Guigal estate wines.


An Unexpected Gem from a Challenging Year

The 2013 growing season was not an easy one for most of the wine producers in Rhone. Weather challenges punctuated the year, yet Guigal rose above the fray to present this La Mouline - Cote Blonde that defies expectations. Its complexity and vibrancy are a testament to the resilience and tenacity of both vineyard and vintner.

The characteristically generous fruit of Syrah is tempered by an enticing freshness while whispers of violet add a perfumed sophistication. Vibrant berry flavours converse with evocative hints of spice and earthy undertones, inciting engaging dialogue on the palate.


A Rewarding Investment in Liquid Luxury

For those on the lookout for an investable wine that reflects patience and craft against the odds, the 2013 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal is a proven elegant expression. Decidedly built to mature gracefully over time, it promises an appreciable return for those willing to cellar it.

With hallmark balance, the unusually cool conditions early on have influenced its vivacious acidity that plays harmoniously alongside well-structured tannins. This wine invites contemplation, reflecting its journey from challenge to triumph right in a glass. Such is the drama of great winemaking.

This 2013 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal provides a singular opportunity for the savvy investor, persistent in their search for wines that make a statement. The essence of craft, endurance and the phenomenal ability to rise above adversity, it truly embodies its year in every sip.

In the grand tapestry of Rhone wines, this vintage stands out, a testament to how challenging weather can shape a wine in the most surprising, pleasurable and ultimately rewarding ways.

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The 2013 Cote Rotie La Mouline shows none of the vintage’s sometimes dry tannins. It offers crisp black fruit—plums and blackberries—underscored by hints of pencil shavings, espresso and grilled meat. Suave and long, it should drink well for a couple of decades.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 29 December 2017

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