Guigal   La Mouline   Cote Blonde

2014 La Mouline - Cote Blonde

By Guigal

An Evocative Journey: 2014 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal, Rhone

The year 2014 was not merely a year but an epic narration by mother nature herself, a truth masterfully captured in the artistry of the 2014 La Mouline - Cote Blonde by Guigal. A sculpted and glorious expression of the Rhone region, this wine tells the intriguing tale of how a challenging year created a wine that speaks volumes about Guigal’s ingenuity in winemaking.


Harvesting Patience, Reaping Sophistication

Altitude matters. Especially when it comes to cultivating the nurturing Syrah vines that shape the backbone of this acclaimed vintage. Just like the peaks and troughs of the market, so too does the weather in Rhone fluctuate wildly. But just as seasoned investors understand, with adversity often comes opportunity, and in 2014 Guigal seized theirs to craft greatness.

Placed high up on vertiginous hilltops, bathed in the glow of the sun but also exposed to the harshest elements, one might perceive these vines as victims of circumstance. However, it's exactly these conditions; warm days and chilly nights that define the character of the vintage. The result is a discerningly complex wine for those with a keen palate and refined taste.


Tasting Notes: A Tale Unfolds

On pouring, the wine is immediate in revealing its lush opulence. The concentrated purple hue dances within the glass while aromas hint at an intriguing balance between fierce determination and soft elegance. Warm notes of blackberry jam compete with cool undertones of fresh mint, lifted by dashes of white pepper and spice; potent symbols of a titanic struggle against climatic adversity.

Upon tasting, this wine is a masterclass in minerality juxtaposed with ripe, sun-drenched fruit flavours. An undercurrent of complexity seeps into the palate, powerfully suggestive of the rocky soil. With sly seductiveness, the fruit recedes to permit the emergence of muscular tannins that clear the path for an outstanding finish. This crescendo of taste encapsulates the constantly shifting battle between sweet ripeness and acidic tension that defines this commendable vintage.

The 2014 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal is an astute investment worthy to take pride of place in any collection. Not just for its potential for returns, but as a reminder of the indomitable spirit that wine carries within each bottle

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Floral aromas accent sturdy notes of grilled meat and almost delicate notes of red berries in the open, approachable 2014 Cote Rotie La Mouline. Medium to full-bodied, it shows great purity and a supple, silky, classic feel. It's built more on elegance and complexity than power, with those floral, herbal notes leaving a long, silky impression on the finish.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 31 October 2018

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