Guigal   La Mouline   Cote Blonde

2015 La Mouline - Cote Blonde

By Guigal

2015 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal, Rhone

It is not every day that the world of fine wine collecting shines down upon a truly unique Rhone vintage, but when it does, collectors and investors alike begin to whisper in awed tones. Such is the case with the exceptional 2015 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal.


A Vintage Worth noting

In the realm of wine investment, the year 2015 stands out as a remarkable vintage for its compelling narrative of climatic challenges, met and overcome by the keen insight of the winemaker. The growing season in Rhone was marked by an ideal balance of sun-soaked days and cool evenings - thanks to an early onset of spring and a generous summer, giving way to perfect autumn ripening conditions for the Syrah grape.

Shielded majestically on steep terraces, watched over by the stoic sentinel-like vines of Guigal’s La Mouline hillside, the Syrah vine thrived beautifully, soaking up the abundant sunlight whilst its roots trekked deep into limestone and schist soils.


The Maverick Echo of Terroir in Every Sip

The 2015 La Mouline - Cote Blonde is Masterfully expressive of its defining terrain; this remarkable wine tells a story of harmony between fruit, earth, and sun. A perfect reflection of vignerons' skill under Guigal’s stewardship.

Gifted with stately structure and depth, this vintage boasts an opulent bouquet hinting at ripe red and black fruits interlaced with nuances of pepper and oriental spices. On tasting, these flavours adeptly unfold with decadent layers complemented by balanced acidity and silky tannins leading to an incredibly tenacious finish.


A Golden Prospect for the Discerning Collector

When championed by the Rhone's pre-eminent winemaking house, Guigal, the 2015 La Mouline - Cote Blonde becomes an investable proposition of exceptional calibre. This stellar vintage hits the revered trifecta of wine investment - rarity, quality, and demand.

To hold a case of 2015 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal in one's collection is to own a tangible piece of Rhone’s extraordinary terroir narrative. It sets a new standard for Syrah-driven wines and solidly validates its place in the portfolio of any serious wine investor. An exemplary testament to the pioneering spirit at Guigal and a laudable vintage on which to stake your investment.

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The 2015 Cote Rotie La Mouline contains the most Viognier of any of Guigal's La Las: 11%. That tends to make it more open and approachable when young, but the 2015 seemed closed at the time of my visit. Cedar and vanilla frame mixed berries in a full-bodied, plush wine that somehow never seems heavy. It shows great elegance and length, and I'm confident the complexity it showed at earlier tastings will reemerge with a few years in the bottle.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 19 December 2019

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