Guigal   La Mouline   Cote Blonde

2016 La Mouline - Cote Blonde

By Guigal

2016 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal, Rhone

In the languorous landscape of the Rhone, one can stumble upon gems of truly exquisite character. One such treasure is the 2016 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal. A testament to the prowess of its creators and the magic of its terroir, this Syrah-based wine beautifully encapsulates the crux of this illustrious region.


Power and Grace; A Dance to Remember

Treading that remarkable tightrope between power and grace, the 2016 vintage has a charm of its own. Loaded with black fruits and violet notes, it brings to mind visions of lavish, Rabelaisian banquet tables. The mineral soul of this wine, gifted by the diverse soils of Cote Blonde, augments the symphony with a depth that hints at years of longevity in cellar.

A stately investment, this well-structured beauty promises an eventual astronomical reward for the patient collector. The global prestige that a bottle of La Mouline - Cote Blonde by Guigal carries is something no wine portfolio should go without.


The Gift of a Gentle Season

The meteorological patterns in Rhone during 2016 were particularly forgiving. A wet winter helped form a firm base for the growth cycle. Spring was cool and measured in its generosity as if to prepare the vines for a luminous summer. All in all, an ideal stage was set for producing wines that were draped in striking elegance and polished finish.

La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal in this particular year invites cinereal undertones to its robust fruit profile,engendering an enchanting duality that mirrors the balance of meteorological elements prevalent during its creation.

In this shimmering bottle of 2016 La Mouline - Cote Blonde from Guigal, you receive not just a spectacular wine, but a tangible testament to a year that has served the Rhone magnificently. A journey into past, triggering a sympathetic resonance with the tranquil rhythm of a bygone season, this cellar-worthy masterpiece is a profound example of vinicultural memoir.

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Like the La Turque, the 2016 Cote Rotie La Mouline is about as approachable a young La La as you're likely to find. Floral notes include hints of violet and hibiscus set against a backdrop of blackberries and cassis. Medium to full-bodied, it's richly concentrated and textured, leaving behind a velvety, tannic feel on the long finish, accompanied by hints of cedary spice, mocha and salted licorice. It's another beauty that should drink well for at least two decades.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 13 May 2021

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