Guigal   La Turque   Cote Brune

2004 La Turque - Cote Brune

By Guigal

The Authoritative 2004 La Turque - Cote Brune from Guigal's Iconic Rhone Vineyard

Renowned producer Guigal's 2004 offering, the La Turque Cote Brune is an unforgettable timestamp of this distinguished year. Asterisked in the annals of fine wine collections and ardent investors worldwide, this exclusive number unequivocally cements its monumental position among the sterling Rhone vintages.


An Intricately Woven Tapestry of Flavours

Each sip of this harmonious embodiment of Guigal's ceaseless dedication offers an elegantly orchestrated symphony of pronounced notes. The distinct character is primarily imparted by the Syrah grape — the celebrated legend of the Rhone Valley vineyards, subtly combined with a splash of Viognier for a fine nuance. A delicate hint of blackcurrant and plum, swathed in a masterful layering of exotic spice and smoke, pays undeniable tribute to the bountiful vintage it hails from, which indisputably etched it as one of the best wines to invest in.


Capture of a Perfect Vintage

The climatic conditions underpinning this investment-worthy 2004 La Turque - Cote Brune bear testament to a masterfully negotiated dance between meticulously nurtured vineyard bounty and exceptional wine-making prowess. The year 2004 saw optimally timed seasonal shifts, cultivating an impeccable balance that marvellously transposed itself into this invaluable vintage.

The idyllic weather allowed for gradual ripening, unfolding an engaging narrative in each bottle that so eloquently articulates its unique terroir. This exquisite expression cascades onto the palate, leaving a lingering echo resonating with all the distinctive attributes that define Rhone Valley wines, truly a standout from the rest of the world.


A Standing Ovation in a Glass

The matured sophistication of the 2004 La Turque - Cote Brune is not just a tribute to Guigal's unwavering commitment to absolute excellence but also highlights an exceptional vintage year. Bound together in a breathtakingly harmonious translation, it indeed positions this unique product as a wine investment with immense potential. It's with this that we raise a glass, not just to fine wine but also to the incomparable potential and enduring charm of Rhone Valley's enchanting vineyards. Drink now for optimal appreciation of its pristine form or optimally cellar, allowing its bottled storyline to evolve further into an even greater historical masterpiece.

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While certainly an outstanding wine, the 2004 Cote Rotie la Turque is a more streamlined, medium-bodied, elegant example of this cuvee. It offers a touch of herbacousness as well as lots of smoked meats, coffee bean and truffle, ripe tannin and solid overall balance. It’s mature, but will drink well for another decade.

Jeb Dunnuck - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2016

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