Guigal   La Turque   Cote Brune

2005 La Turque - Cote Brune

By Guigal

2005 La Turque - Cote Brune by Guigal, Rhone

Sashaying into the spotlight with all the grace, mystery, and intrigue of an ancient gypsy dance is the 2005 La Turque - Cote Brune from none other than Guigal. It’s a wine that commands attention, not just for its rarity but also for its striking ability to showcase the stark and nuanced differences presented by the Rhone region's diverse terroirs.


Fingers on the Pulse of Fine Wine Investment

For those connoisseurs and investors keen to invest both their passions and hard-earned funds in wine, this offering shouldn't be overlooked. The 2005 vintage was marked by favourable climatic conditions that allowed for meticulous maturation and pronounced concentration of flavours. This combination has come together to create an investment-grade wine dripping with potential for both pleasure and profit.

Each sip of this alluring 2005 vintage encapsulates the intensity of the Rhone Valley, evoking images of its sun-bathed rolling hills filled with Grenache - or should we say Syrah? - touching your palate with tantalising notes of dark fruit, spice, and unmistakable minerality.


A Rare Testament to Time's Test

A testimony to Guigal's mastery of wine production, this 2005 incarnation dances around the edge of revelation. The temperate summer following a cold winter provided excellent ripening conditions for the coveted grapes used in its creation. The result is a masterful orchestra of vivacious dark fruits courageously holding hands with delicate tannins.

It's enticing personality offers refreshing acidity intermingled with bold spices making it a worthy contender alongside your most prized bottles. This is what makes it one of the most promising investments for any avid wine enthusiast always on the hunt for vin unknown.

The 2005 La Turque - Cote Brune from Guigal is undoubtedly a remarkable player in Rhone's diverse portfolio, offering notes of exquisite complexity that rival even its predecessors in terms of depth and promise. It is a true love song to the region it hails from, and one that will undoubtedly continue to capture hearts, wallets and tongues for years to come.

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The 2005 Cote Rotie la Turque is utterly profound, and a desert island wine if there ever was one. Crème de cassis, blackcurrants, chocolate, barbecued meats and bacon fat all literally soar from the glass of this full-bodied, structured, perfectly balanced Cote Rotie that doesn’t have a hair out of place. It’s just now at the early stages of drinkability and will benefit from 2-4 more years in the cellar, and keep for 2-3 decades after that.

Jeb Dunnuck - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2016

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