Guigal   La Turque   Cote Brune

2013 La Turque - Cote Brune

By Guigal

2013 La Turque - Cote Brune from Guigal, Rhone

A paragon of oenological finesse, the 2013 La Turque - Cote Brune by Guigal stands as a testament to the elegance and intricacy of the Rhone terroir. Against the backdrop of a cool vintage marked by an extended growing season, this vinous wonder embraces subtlety over flamboyance.


Equilibrium of Elegance and Power

Diligently crafted by Guigal, a torchbearer of Rhone's viticultural heritage, the 2013 La Turque - Cote Brune stands out in an investable class of its own. Employing a careful blend of predominantly Syrah, with a splash of Viognier, this vintage breathes an aromatic depth that combines black and red fruits with alluring undertones of precious woods, spices and smoked game.

It balances its power with deft elegance, a trait that became pronounced owing to the cooler climatic conditions of 2013. The rare interplay resulted in modest alcohol levels and an acidity that cleaves through the palate while enunciating the wine's distinct character.


Reverberations of a Resilient Vintage

The 2013 harvest posed distinct challenges that revealed the resilient side of Rhone terroir. The temperate vintage following years of heat-led extremes propelled the vineyards into producing fruit that encapsulates an unprecedented level of freshness.

This is reflected beautifully in the vibrant acidity present in 2013 La Turque - Cote Brune by Guigal. This enlivening freshness juxtaposed with the layered depth formed by Syrah's black fruits and gentle tannins transforms each sip into an unforgettable investment experience.


Gilded with Season and Refined with Silence

Just as the river graces each pebble in its path to svelte roundness, so has the cooler 2013 vintage caressed La Turque - Cote Brune by Guigal into a fine wine of captivating complexity. Its resilience has rendered it an opulent embodiment of Rhone; one that reflects the region's capacity to create an extraordinary wine, even under testing circumstances. Not only for the pleasure of taste and aroma but also, unquestionably, as an investment into the enduring legacy of Rhone's viniculture heritage.

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The 2013 Cote Rotie La Turque is a bit firm, austere and cool. It’s medium-bodied and tannic, with some drying notes on the finish that suggest further cellaring is warranted. Yes, it shows ample concentration and complex notes of plums and raspberries, but patience will be required.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 29 December 2017

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