Guigal   La Turque   Cote Brune

2014 La Turque - Cote Brune

By Guigal

2014 La Turque - Côte Brune by Guigal, Rhone

The 2014 La Turque from Guigal is born from the soulful terroirs of Côte Brune in the Rhone region, displaying the distinct character bestowed onto it by the unique conditions of that year. 2014 proved to be a year of particular unpredictability, where those winemakers who dared to rise to the challenge found their rewards in the bottle.


Navigating through uncertainty

The weather patterns of 2014 in the Rhone Valley posed a thrilling game of strategy for winemakers such as Guigal, with a need for careful yields and diligent selection during harvest. From this adversity sprouted opulence, with the 2014 La Turque powered by its complex layers and immense aging potential that wine investors find appealing.

This vintage exudes pronounced elegance coupled with undercurrents of determined richness; think dark fruits entwined with smoked meats and spice. Expect a palate adorned with ripe blackberries enhanced by intricate notes of vanilla and leather, deftly dancing on a finely balanced tightrope of acidity and tannins.


A beacon amidst challenging climatic conditions

While challenging weather may have temporarily clouded visions in Rhone, Guigal’s 2014 La Turque stood as a beacon. The merit of this exceptional year is evident in its sophisticated tenacity, marking a testament to strategic viticulture and masterful winemaking.

The uncertain 2014 climatic tableau did not mar this wine's destiny but instead painted it with an extra layer of depth, enhancing its investment potential. It’s an emblem of resilience capturing one distinct chapter in the symphony of seasons playing out on Rhone's undulating landscape.

Legend says, only the most gifted vintners can tease out the magic from the most demanding years, and the 2014 La Turque from Guigal undoubtedly validates this claim. The intrigue and complexity of this wine under scores its pedigree, making it an exciting addition to any fine wine portfolio. In short, 2014's vintage rewards both the palate and the cellar.

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Now that it's in bottle, the 2014 Cote Rotie La Turque has exceeded all of my earlier expectations. It's got those classic Côte Rôtie elements on the nose of smoked bacon, olives and violets, seamlessly entwined with supple tannins and raspberry fruit. Medium to full-bodied, it's silky and fine, showing tremendous length and complexity on the finish. On this occasion, La Turque came to the head of the class as the most approachable, exciting and elegant of the three La Las.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 31 October 2018

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