Guigal   La Turque   Cote Brune

2015 La Turque - Cote Brune

By Guigal

2015 La Turque - Cote Brune from Guigal, Rhone, Rest of the World

The 2015 La Turque - Cote Brune from Guigal is a wine that firmly sets its roots in the chronicles of great vintages. The growing season was an epitomic blend of warmth and cool winds, culminating to deliver an exceptional Syrah infused with the unique charm of the 2015 vintage peculiarities.


Architects of Elegance and Power; Guigal's Craft Exemplified

In the world of investment-worthy wines, steadfastness demands respect. Guigal, a legendary producer in Rhone, has demonstrated such virtue year after year. They paint their artistic prowess in broad earthy strokes over market trends and have penned another masterpiece through this beautiful synergy of finesse and power.

However appealing it may be, the hallmark of this nectar lies not in richness, but in its seductive restraint. Dark fruit notes interweave masterfully with whispers of smoky leather, yielding textured layers borne out of an idyllic terroir.


Unfurling the Scroll: 2015 Brought Gifts Rarely Seen

Wine regions greeted the 2015 vintage with hesitant optimism. In Rhone, however, Mother Nature conspired perfection. Gentle spring rains birthed healthy vines while a sun-soaked summer coaxed out exceptional flavours that only Syrah can articulate. Striking balance - this vintage bears witness to nature's gift and Guigal's tempered hand.

The sheer complexity of the 2015 La Turque - Cote Brune mesmerizes, inviting insightful contemplation or joyous celebrations alike. Each sip elegantly unfurls its character, leaving traces of velvety plum and minerality dancing on the palate.

A tangible reflection of its birthplace captured within the confines of glass. An encore performance of Rhone's symphony awaits with each decanter of La Turque - Cote Brune from Guigal gifted by the investable year of 2015.

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Like the La Mouline, the 2015 Cote Rotie La Turque comes across as slightly closed—I wouldn't be surprised to see it inch up to a perfect rating in a decade or so. Lashings of ground spices—pepper, allspice, cardamom—are sprinkled over mixed berries, but this full-bodied wine is locked up tight, finishing with firm tannins. Give it at least 5-6 years, maybe even a decade or so, before pulling a cork.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 19 December 2019

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