Jaboulet   Hermitage la Chapelle

1990 Hermitage la Chapelle

By Jaboulet

The 1990 Hermitage la Chapelle from Jaboulet, Rhone, France

Famed for robust and intense compositions, the northern Rhone Valley continually produces enticing offerings for discerning oenophiles. One such indulgence is the enigmatic 1990 Hermitage la Chapelle from a producer of enduring repute, Jaboulet. Its enveloping aura and intrinsic intensity take centre stage in a vintage known for its favourable climatic consolations.


A Marvel in Intensity and Complexity

Born out of an illustrious vintage, the 1990 iteration emanates uniqueness with its opulent and complex profile. Laced with ripe blackcurrants, leather, humid peat, and nuanced savoury undertones, it deignumstrates the thrilling domain that Syrah can traverse when afforded the right season. The silky tannins interweave seamlessly into its rich tapestry, delivering shivers up many a spine.

Rich terroir coupled with expertise speaks volumes for this enduring vintage. Shaped by favourable climatic conditions, ample sunshine hours imparted an extra dose of vividness to its aromatic repertoire.


Depicting Rhone’s Radiance - A Vintage to Revere

A truly exceptional year for much of the southern regions of France, 1990 was blessed with warm spring seasons and extended summer sunshine. This distinct climatic blend fostered an environment conducive to the slow maturation of grapes.

Embracing this providential weather, the 1990 Hermitage la Chapelle flourishes. Its balance between freshness and depth brings forth an appealing dichotomy, which undeniably contributes to its high regard amongst wine investors.

This bottle impressively encapsulates the essence of Rhone’s prowess in integrating the specificities of its terroir, image of the producer, and the particularities of the vintage. 1990 Hermitage la Chapelle from Jaboulet prominently stands as one exceptional capsule of time, relatively ready for gratuitous consumption but also audacious enough to journey further down time's path.


Investing in a Timeless Narrative

The sophisticated breadth and longevity of this sensational vintage makes it an attractive investment opportunity in the world of fine wines. It’s not just about possessing a bottle, but about owning a piece of viticultural history — one that binds the Earth's past rhythm with man's timeless craft. Indeed, each sip from the 1990 Hermitage la Chapelle is like reading a captivating chapter from an ever-unfolding novel.

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