Jaboulet   Hermitage la Chapelle

2005 Hermitage la Chapelle

By Jaboulet

2005 Hermitage la Chapelle from Jaboulet, Rhône

The world of wine investment rejoiced in 2005 when the historic Hermitage la Chapelle vineyard from Jaboulet uncorked yet another majestic vintage. Famed for its robust Syrah wines, the Rhône region was graced with favorable climatic conditions in 2005, contributing to the distinguished character of this sincere Syrah.


Bountiful terroir aids precious Syrah varietal

Jaboulet's 2005 Hermitage la Chapelle makes quite an impact. The soil, a unique blend of granite, limestone and loess, together with ideal weather conditions facilitated perfect ripening of the Syrah grapes. Its stoic strength and spatial depth is an extraordinary testimonial to the capabilities of the Rhône region.

As one uncovers this enticing vintage, an amalgamation of seductive nuances unravel. It has a noticeable depth and complexity yet it remains elegant in its execution. The characteristic notes of black fruit are complemented by enchanting hints of licorice and earthy undertones.


Intriguing climate, inspiring vintage

The defining factor for any vintage is the climate it faced. For this 2005 Hermitage la Chapelle, there was a balance of ample sunshine during the day with refreshing cool nights. This climatic contrast ensured optimum grape maturity while maintaining vital acidity levels for balance on the palate.

This amiable wine exhibits graceful aging potential and has emerged as a worthy investment choice among savvy wine enthusiasts. Anticipated maturity: 2020-2040.

In conclusion, the allure of investable French vintages is unquestionable. The 2005 Hermitage la Chapelle from Jaboulet gracefully illustrates the artistry of Rhône's winemaking tradition, its eminent terroir and the captivating charms of a commendable vintage. It stands as an exemplary embodiment of regal Syrah expressions, offering a genuinely enriching sip for those who value indulgence wrapped in sophistication.

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