Jaboulet   Hermitage la Chapelle

2009 Hermitage la Chapelle

By Jaboulet

2009 Hermitage la Chapelle by Jaboulet, Rhone

From the historic soils of Hermitage, the 2009 La Chapelle from Jaboulet is a testament to the tremendous potential of this memorable vintage. Nestled in the heart of the Rhone region, Jaboulet with its remarkable terroir and climatic conditions has rendered a wine that perfectly captures the grandeur of the vintage's offerings.


A Rhone masterpiece from an auspicious vintage

The crowning glory of 2009 lies in its optimal weather conditions. The warm spring was speedily succeeded by an exceptionally hot summer that gifted the grapes with perfect balance, as well as unparalleled ripeness and concentration. This pronounced distinction sets the 2009 vintage apart from its peers.

The 2009 La Chapelle from Jaboulet embodies these unique elements in its captivating notes of blackberries, plum compote and subtle spices on the nose that develop into enthralling layers of velvety Solera-like fruit complexities on the palate. The wine’s symphony of flavors is elegantly conducted by a thread of acidity, enhancing the mineral edge inherent to Rhone terroir.


An investable asset dressed in velvet tannins

As evidenced by its formidable reputation spanning over two centuries, a bottle of Hermitage la Chapelle on any wine investor's shelf denotes both prestige and safe investment. With each year, this 2009 Jaboulet vintage not only matures into a more exemplary version of itself but also primes its value on the fine wine market.

The wine's blend - mainly Syrah complemented by small portions of white grape varieties - along with thoughtful vinifications render it high ageing potential and buoyant returns to bode well for collectors cognizant of the Rhone's remarkable contributions to the world of wine.


Marrying legacy and the 2009 brilliance

With the return of fine weather conditions after several challenging years, 2009 marked the resurgence of Rhone, and in particular the Hermitage la Chapelle by Jaboulet as a standard-bearer for elegant yet potent Syrah. This remarkable vintage is a worthy emblem of a momentous year, detailing the narrative thread between the timeless splendour of Jaboulet, its ethereal terroir, and the extraordinary potential for wine investment it seamlessly presents.

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