Jaboulet   Hermitage la Chapelle

2011 Hermitage la Chapelle

By Jaboulet

2011 Hermitage la Chapelle from Jaboulet, Rhone

The 2011 vintage of Hermitage La Chapelle has woven a unique tapestry. Untouched by the volatile climate that has characterised some recent seasons, this wine stands unmarred in the realm of Rhone offerings and reveals the propitious synergy born between grapes perfectly nurtured and craftsmanship driven by an idyllic weather pattern.


Opulence encased in elegance

The decisive factor behind its inevitable rise as one of the mainstays in every discerning wine investment portfolio can be attributed to the intrepid and sensitive handling by Jaboulet. A glimpse into the omnipresent elements of its personality unearths why it's poised to bring gratifying returns to fine wine investors.

Unveiling itself with sublime confidence, the 2011 Hermitage la Chapelle's character is firmly underpinned by dark-red fruit notes that caper amid dainty flashes of clove and underbrush. The stunning crescendo on the palate fosters an unwavering enchantment; an enchantment that is further heightened by its impressive longevity, a cornerstone of premier boutique vintages like this one.


A reflection of Rhone's generosity

This distinctive vintage signals a fascinating chapter for the Rhone terroir. In 2011, the weather bestowed gentle sunshine and cooling breezes, nurturing the Syrah grape to optimal ripeness whilst preserving their innate acidity. The result was a harmonious blend mirroring Rhone’s grandeur.

Noted for its savoury sophistication, the 2011 version stands within its own in terms of affluence, complexity and balance. The dénouement of blackcurrant and pepper intermingling with traces of smoke and game, bid an unforgettable farewell.

In essence, the 2011 Hermitage la Chapelle resounds as an ode to the Rhone region's capacity to produce an opulent yet elegantly balanced wine. An idiosyncratic star in its own right, it decidedly merits a position in any well-curated wine investment portfolio that seeks to leverage the value propositions offered by the terroirs of Rhone.

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