Jaboulet   Hermitage la Chapelle

2014 Hermitage la Chapelle

By Jaboulet

2014 Hermitage la Chapelle from Jaboulet, Rhone, Rest of the World

Treading into the fascinating realm of Rhone Valley, the 2014 Hermitage la Chapelle from Jaboulet does more than just capture the essence of the region. It orchestrates a symphony, presenting a narrative of complexity backed up by the region's deep-rooted viticulture history. A memorable vintage, the 2014 discloses an unparalleled elegance and commendable balance that effortlessly weaves this wine into an investable masterpiece.


Emerging prowess, an investment worth savouring

Despite coming after a remarkable 2013 vintage, the 2014 Hermitage la Chapelle from Jaboulet doesn't languish in the shadows. This vintage demonstrates the potential for producing great Rhone Syrah under challenging conditions. An emblematic year demonstrating the winemaking prowess of Jaboulet and presenting investors with a truly unique opportunity for portfolio diversification.

The 2014 has a distinctively intense aroma profile, with dominant notes of blackcurrant, cherry spiced with pepper and dark chocolate - highlighting its formidable status in an unforgettable fashion.


A challenging year, formidable offerings

For Rhone, 2014 offered its fair share of tribulations. Despite struggling against climatic adversity and unpredictable weather patterns, resilient Syrah vines bestows rich expressions that are embodied strikingly in this vintage.

A distinguished creation by Jaboulet, this 2014 Hermitage boasts supple tannins and understated acidity that dance with the vibrant fruit profile. This blend maintains a delicate balance between power and freshness which ensures it will age gracefully over time.

The haunting memories left behind by the lingering finish and nuanced complexity make this wine more than just a sip. Each glassful becomes a journey through the picturesque slopes of Hermitage hill where these lush grapes are lovingly tended year after year.

To summarise, the 2014 Hermitage la Chapelle from Jaboulet certainly stands as one of the finest testimonies to the dynamic potential of Rhone Syrah amidst a challenging vintage. A truly investable wine, it not only promises elevated enjoyment but also brings intrinsic worth to a discerning investor's collection.

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