Jean Louis Chave   Hermitage Blanc

2003 Hermitage Blanc

By Jean-Louis Chave

2003 Hermitage Blanc from Jean-Louis Chave, Rhone, Rest of the World

A legend in the making, the 2003 Hermitage Blanc from Jean-Louis Chave is frozen in time as a riveting testament to a challenging vintage where the exceptional skill and intuition of a maestro winemaker made all the difference.


Mastering the Rhone's Heatwave

Europe's grueling summer of 2003 was felt forcefully in the vineyards of Rhone. Sensing the importance of timing, Jean-Louis Chave allowed his grapes to mature slowly despite the stark heat, seeking to capture complexity rather than sheer power.


Captivating Aromatics, Persistent Palate

The result is an extraordinarily layered Hermitage Blanc, unfurling with waxy lemon rinds, ripe peaches and smoky minerality on the nose. On the palate, it presents gently toasted hazelnut notes beautifully intertwined with honeyed pear, making it a rhapsody of flavors that is both lavish and remarkably harmonic.


An Investment for Time

True to its pedigree of Rhone's notable domaines, this 2003 Hermitage Blanc offers an impressive aging potential within one’s investment portfolio. With complexity complementing longevity and rarity ensuring covetousness, savvy investors will recognize it as a true blue-chip iǹvestment opportunity.


2003: The Rarest of Unicorns

The 2003 vintage holds a special place in Rhone wine chronicles with signature wines displaying unique character which distinguishes them from other vintages, requiring an informed palate to truly understand their value. Thus, investing in a bottle such as the 2003 Hermitage Blanc from Jean-Louis Chave is not merely an addition to your fine wine collection, but a celebration of a momentous year, a legendary winemaker’s craft and the resilient spirit of Rhone vines.

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Another sensational white that made my eyes roll back in my head, the 2003 Hermitage Blanc is even more over the top and decadent than the '09. Possessing almost no acidity, it's a flamboyant, massively concentrated, decadent and heady effort that's overflowing with notions of honey, caramelized oranges, currants, licorice and buttered hazelnuts. Staying fresh and lively, it's a monumental Hermitage Blanc that will probably live forever on its sheer concentration.

Jeb Dunnuck - The Wine Advocate, 13 September 2015

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