Jean Louis Chave   Hermitage

2000 Hermitage

By Jean-Louis Chave

The Resonating Oenophiliac Wonder of the 2000 Hermitage from Jean-Louis Chave

To explore a bottle of 2000 Hermitage from the hallowed cellars of Jean-Louis Chave is akin to partaking in a profound and stirring oenological symphony, each aroma and taste note reverberating within the sophisticated realms of your palate. This specimen represents an odyssey through the refined tapestry of Rhone wine culture, being an audacious testament to the climatic benevolence of that timeless year.


Unequivocal Expression of the Millennium Year

An exceptional embodiment of the wine investment potential inherent in vintages by Jean-Louis Chave, the 2000 Hermitage constitutes one of the most vivid expressions from its productive lineage. Undoubtedly, the climate factor has left an indelible mark on this vintage. The benevolent growing season contributed to a story of finesse and breadth in flavour, profiting from an unseasonably warm autumn that led to healthy and well-ripened Syrah.


A Multifaceted Wine, Resilient to Time

The lengthy cellaring potential of this wine is due in part to its multifaceted structure that time conspires not so much to erode but rather evolve. On approach, the nose intuitively recognises sumptuous layers of black fruit and spices intermingling with venerable traces of earth-bound undergrowth. A sip plunges you further into its depths where you encounter opposing forces: voluptuous richness countered by a rigid backbone of acidity and tannin precision.


Remarkable Spectrum, Fluid Investment

Heralding a remarkable continuity with the cherished traditions at Rhone, and honouring Jean-Louis Chave's unmistakable talent, the 2000 Hermitage dances with its signature style of inherent boldness, tamed and matured by the relentless tick-tock of its captive years in oak. Representing the culmination of a fine growing season in the heart of Rhone, it stands as a desirable asset within any discerning wine investment portfolio.

Spiralling upwards from its solid base, this vintage not only rounds off a millennial crescendo but also continues to echo in the globally respected chapters of Rhone viticulture history. In essence, when one savours this Jean-Louis Chave gem, it feels like an intimate rendezvous with 2000 itself, within the sun-soaked terroirs of Rhone.

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