Jean Louis Chave   Hermitage

2005 Hermitage

By Jean-Louis Chave

2005 Hermitage by Jean-Louis Chave, Rhone

The 2005 vintage of Rhone's iconic Hermitage, meticulously crafted by Jean-Louis Chave, is a testament to the region's rich winemaking heritage and the genius of Chave. As one of the oldest wine-producing families in the world, the Chave family has crafted Rhone wine for 16 generations, and this one fits impeccably into their illustrious tradition.


Dynamic blend battles climatic vagaries

The year 2005 was marked by an enjoyably long growing season in Rhone with favorable climatic conditions that influenced the grapes' slow but steady maturation. Despite periodic temperature fluxes, the inherent stamina and resilience of Syrah were unmistakable. The 2005 Hermitage from Jean-Louis Chave encapsulates this endurance, embodying its arduous journey from vine to bottle.

This particular Reserva offers an alluring interplay between power and subtlety. Its qualities are vivid and pristine, revealing a series of alternating layers that command attention onto your palate.


Undeniable investment potential

Wine investors seeking diversity within their portfolio will appreciate the solid return potential that comes with investing in this distinguished label. As demand for Rhone wines continues to rise, particularly those expressing unique vintages like 2005 Hermitage from Jean-Louis Chave, there is clear scope for substantial appreciation in value.

A wine of such caliber is a coveted commodity in the global fine wine market. Its complexity, stellar reviews and high scores underline its reputation as an important investment worth considering.


A chorus of sensory notes

The luminous ruby pour gives way to an medley of wild blackberries, smoky earth, roasted herbs, and a touch of minerality that is the soul of Rhone terroir. It’s a chorus on the palate, with each sensory note beautifully harmonised and deftly balanced. Its fine grained tannins extend into a finish that leaves an indelible signature.

The 2005 Hermitage by Jean-Louis Chave is without a doubt one of the gems of Rhone, masterfully echoing the conditions of its birth year. A bottle to savor now or lay down for gratifying evolution, thus making it an exquisite addition to any discerning oenophile’s collection.

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