Jean Louis Chave   Hermitage

2006 Hermitage

By Jean-Louis Chave

An Ode to Rhone: 2006 Hermitage from Jean-Louis Chave

The world of fine wine is resplendent with timeless treasures, yet the 2006 Hermitage from Jean-Louis Chave stands out. This acclaimed producer, having history oozing from every one of its pores, under the diligent hands of the Chave family, crafted an exquisite portrait of the Rhone region's terroir in this vintage.


Manifestation of Mastery

Indeed, investing in wine cannot be solely driven by figures and projections, but through respecting the masterful terroir expression. Few producers can attest to such mastery as Jean-Louis Chave. A tradition that spans over multiple generations, their touch in winemaking is truthfully a rewarding spectacle for investors and aficionados alike.

The 2006 Hermitage is a harmonious interplay of past tradition and present brilliance. Eminent for its rich texture and thoughtful complexity, this release communicates the mesmeric charm that Rhone Syrah can embody in a stellar year.


An Evocative Echo of the 2006 Vintage

The 2006 growing season in Rhone is a tale penned by Mother Nature herself. A cooler year, with stunning sunlight during September helping to reach optimal ripeness levels led to wines that bore elegance and subtlety contrary to the region’s traditional opulence.

The 2006 Hermitage from Jean-Louis Chave vividly mirrors this climatic narrative. It commands attention with its seductive nose of blackberries, licorice, smoked meats and restrained minerality impeccably balanced by both floral and spice tome undertones. The meticulously well-integrated tannins linger on the palate introducing a refined finish that's something of an oeuvre d'art.

When one thinks of the grandeur that is Rhone, one can't help but consider the Hermitage's everlasting charm found across the vintages. But to consider the 2006 vintage, is to experience one of Rhone's genuine sons - touring the senses with its rich complexity and captivating elegance. It truly underscores Jean-Louis Chave's role as a virtuoso conductor guiding a symphony of terroir.

Accomplished yet approachable, this formidable wine serves not just as a sound investment but as a testament to Jean-Louis Chave's dedication to their mastery of Rhone’s terroir, making it a badge of honour for any discerning investor.

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