Jean Louis Chave   Hermitage

2015 Hermitage

By Jean-Louis Chave

2015 Hermitage from Jean-Louis Chave, Rhone, Rest of the World

The 2015 Hermitage from the house of Jean-Louis Chave is a symphony of complexity and balance. Coming from a string of successful vintages in the Rhone region, this 2015 release was eagerly anticipated and it does not disappoint with its impressive layers of flavour and profound depth.


Composure in chaos; an outstanding vintage for investing

The Rhone experienced sporadic weather conditions in 2015, with a sultry summer followed by cooling showers providing desirable stress for the Syrah vine. The resultant fruits achieved a perfect equilibrium between ripeness and acidity, providing the potential for this Hermitage to shine.

The brand Jean-Louis Chave is always synonymous with quality, but this 2015 vintage sets a new standard, offering an abundant return on investment for wine connoisseurs.


Fruit of the sun; an emblem of craftsmanship

This Hermitage encapsulates Jean-Louis Chave's deft winemaking prowess, weaving together vibrant fruit intensity and nuanced earthy undertones into an exquisite tapestry. The wine opens up with notes of ripe plum and blackcurrant, underscored by a hint of smoky minerality. As it flows effortlessly across the palate, we find sprinkling hints of white pepper and distinct layers of sweet spices - a reflective testimony of its judicious oak maturation.

In many respects, this wine is similar to the climatic twists and turns that 2015 bestowed upon Rhone's vineyards - intense yet elegant, unpredictable but harmonious, making it an incredibly unique investment opportunity.


The winemaking mastery of Jean-Louis Chave shines through

On the finish, this 2015 Hermitage leaves behind a trail of lingering dark chocolate and peppery warmth - an indication of its fine ageing potential. This, combined with its strong structure and well-integrated acidity, suggests this wine will only grow in stature over the coming years.

While the 2015 Hermitage from Jean-Louis Chave is a treasure to hold in any cellar, it also reveals its value as an investment in the fine wine market and certainly substantiates its place as one of the stellar vintages of the Rhone region.

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