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1995 Pingus

By Pingus

1995 Pingus from Pingus, Ribera del Duero

The symphony of taste that is the 1995 Pingus from Pingus vibrates instantly with the poetry of an exceptional vintage year. This wine stands proudly alongside some of Ribera del Duero’s finest, representing a key asset for any astute wine investor.


A Vintage Rooted in a Challenging Climate

The year 1995 played out like a splendid score in Ribera del Duero. Protagonists in this potent vintage fought against challenging climatic conditions, including a late bud break and unexpected frost. However, these trials only served to magnify the complexity of this exceptional wine.

The nature forged resilience and patience is reflected through its amplified tannins. Poured into a glass, the 1995 Pingus radiates an impossibly deep purple hue resonating with its solid constitution.


A Wine Masterpiece for Investment

The very substance of the 1995 Pingus speaks volumes about the absolute calibre of this investment-grade icon. The bouquet infiltrates one's senses with candied blackberries and a hint of cigar box. Profiles of dark chocolate laced with ripe blackcurrants ascend exquisitely on first sip, culminating in a finish that echoes with unwavering assurance.

The palate maintains an enviable balance, slipping effortlessly between bold fruit characters and an intense minerality that dart off different facets of its persona as though it were plotted on a musical staff.


Conclusion: A Vintage with Vigor

Without a doubt, the hand of providence has been with the 1995 Pingus and every vine challenged by nature's test in that year. Each sip is an articulate expression of survival and triumph, rendering it a rare addition to one's investment portfolio.

As strings of a beautifully composed sonata, each sip leaves you desiring for another crescendo. Indeed, the 1995 Pingus represents a vintage of versatile vigor- a unique ensemble that marvellously cements the reputation of this venerable estate within the realm of fine wine investment.

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